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Best Fleshlight Sleeves by Penis Size and Texture in 2023 (Ultimate Fleshlight Sex Toy for Men)

This is my ultimate in-depth Fleshlight review. I’m a huge Fleshlight brand fanatic with more than 12 years of experience. I’ve already tried more than 30 Fleshlights and am still enthusiastically experimenting! The research for this guide is based primarily on my own experience. I also checked Reddit posts, paying particular attention to what my friends say, a secret FB group for Fleshlights (where we share our experience), the website reviews, and other reviews on the internet.

The official Fleshlight website currently has 186 different textures to choose from (not just the pink lady), making it hard to decide, especially if you aren’t familiar with the options. With the help of my experience with Fleshlight sex toys and research for this guide, you can be sure you won’t run into any problems and will find the best Fleshlights for you.

Stamina Training Unit
  • Most Intensive (Our Choice)
  • Penis size: Average, Small, Big
  • "You need to try at least once in your life" experience
  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Best for Stamina Training, Beginners
  • Cleaning: Average
  • Stimulation: High
  • Intensity: Best
  • Realism: Very High
  • Noise: Low
  • Suction Effect: Moderate
  • Lube: Not much Needed
Utopia Riley Reid
  • Most Realistic
  • Penis size: Average
  • Best Pornstar Fleshlight on the market
  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Cleaning: Easy
  • Stimulation: High
  • Intensity: Excellent
  • Realism: Very High
  • Noise: Mediocre 
  • Suction Effect: Moderate
  • Lube: Not much
Turbo Thrust
  • Best for Suction Effect
  • Penis Size: Average, Small
  • Very similar to oral sex
  • Orifice: Oral
  • Cleaning: Average, Easy
  • Stimulation: Good
  • Intensity: Excellent
  • Realism: Moderate
  • Noise: Average
  • Suction Effect: Excellent
  • Lube: Average

Is it Worth Buying a Fleshlight?

If I were asked to place sex, regular masturbation, and a Fleshlight on a scale, sex would rank 10. You can’t beat the real thing. Regular masturbation gets the job done, but I would only rank it at a 2 or 3. A fleshlight, on the other hand, while not as good as real sex, is way better than regular masturbation. I easily put a Fleshlight at a 7. In short, a Fleshlight is a great purchase for those times a partner is neither desired nor practical.

How to Choose Your Fleshlight? What is the Best Fleshlight?

A.) When you choose which Fleshlight to go with for the first time, the most important thing to keep in mind is the size of your penis. The most important factor in male sex toys is tightness. No guy wants to use a sex toy that is too loose. There are many different opinions on what constitutes a large penis as opposed to a small penis. The consensus I found on Reddit and Fleshlight sites is that anything under 5 inches is considered small, 5-7 inches is average, and anything above that is large.

B.) If you already have a pornstar that you love in mind as the model for your Fleshlight, you may be tempted to ignore my advice about size. However, it is important to keep your penis size in mind. Even if the pornstar is the girl of your dreams it is very possible that, with a different Fleshlight, you will experience a much higher level of pleasure and enjoy the whole experience more. If you are set on a specific girl, I’d advise buying a different sleeve in addition so that you can experiment with both and compare them using your personal experience for reference to decide which is better for you.

c.) Another thing to take into consideration is how much time you want to spend cleaning the Fleshlight. Some of the Fleshlight textures you can choose from have many nooks and crannies that trap fluids that require a bit more effort when cleaning. I don’t find this aspect to be all that important because a little bit of clean-up is worth the awesome pleasure some of the more textured Fleshlights give.

d.) The overall fleshlight size (not the sleeve) is important if you have any need to hide the toy or wish to travel with it. A smaller overall toy is better for both of those situations. Just make sure that you get the correct size sleeve to fit your penis.

e.) An option that you may find appealing when you decide to buy a Fleshlight is any of the classic Fleshlights or the original pink lady. Although the pink lady was great at one time, I wouldn’t recommend either because after you experience a Fleshlight that uses the newest super skin material and has the extra texture, the classics are just plain boring male sex toys. It’s totally worth getting one of the newer and better models for your first time when looking for the best Fleshlight.

Best Fleshlights for Stamina Development: Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit STU

Fleshlight STU Review

If you’ve ever dealt with premature ejaculation and want to last longer, the STU – Stamina Training Unit is one of the best Fleshlight and probably one of the best male masturbators on the market. This sleeve was designed specifically to help increase sexual endurance. In addition to training yourself to control ejaculation. This Fleshlight is an excellent Stamina Training tool according to my fellow Fleshlight friends in our secret FB group. If you train regularly you’ll feel the difference in a few weeks. I didn’t have any problem with premature ejaculation, but even so, it was on my bucket list.

The entire interior of the canal is made up of many large size bumps. The bumps are quite long, which allows them to really grip your penis. They are also placed very closely together. The entire canal is nice and tight, giving a great grip. The combination of the tightness and the numerous bumps is very intense. Add in a high amount of suction, and it becomes almost too stimulating. I definitely had to very thrust speed and even take breaks. Still, I reached orgasm super quickly, almost too quickly. This is no surprise, as the sleeve is meant to do just that.

Cleanup is made more difficult by the many pockets that catch the liquid. It’s made much easier by turning the sleeve inside out. It still takes care to get to every area. Drying time is longer than normal because of those same pockets.

Most Intense and Stimulative Fleshlight on the Market: Utopia Riley Reid – Best Fleshlight Texture

Riley Reid

The Fleshlight Girls™ Utopia Riley Reid is my top pick when it comes to stimulation. This model is extremely intense. The exterior opening is modeled after porn superstar Riley Reid. She is not my favorite Fleshlight girl model, however, this is the one I use regularly (I’m an average-size guy).

The beginning of the Riley Reid fleshlight sleeve is a tightly ribbed opening for about 1 inch, then opens up to a larger chamber with a bunch of awesome nubs. Immediately after that area is a section that is made up of larger pyramid-type nubs. These feel great as your head passes through them as they provide great grip. The sleeve tapers down for the rest of the length changing from nubs to ribs. The ribbed chamber becomes quite narrow, creating a whole bunch of suction. The experience is out of this world.

Although the opening is nice and tight, the rest of the sleeve opens up quite a bit except for the pyramid nub area, so this is a good model to accommodate just about any size because there are both tight areas along with the more open spaces I found that I could vary the length of the session with the masturbation toy fairly easily.

Cleanup was straightforward with this Fleshlight. The texture isn’t as complex as some types and doesn’t trap fluids much at all. This is a very realistic Fleshlight.

Best Fleshlight for Small Penis: Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight – Best Feeling Fleshlight

Eva Lovia

The Eva Lovia Spice is the best Fleshlight for someone with a smaller penis. This fleshlight is extremely intense. The opening to this Fleshlight is shaped like an asshole. It even has some nice faux cheeks. The beginning of the sleeve is nicely ribbed and tapers down to a tighter fit for the first 2 inches. Afterward, it widens out a bit, but the texture changes to small nubs. The chamber, after that, again narrows down and is ribbed. This creates a very nice suction effect when using the toy. It feels like the toy is being drawn onto you while you thrust. It feels amazing. This is a good size sex toy for a smaller size penis. The tightness, in the beginning, is what I like the best about this Fleshlight.

I didn’t need much lube with this Fleshlight sleeve. A tiny bit went a long way. Less lube usually means less noise, but this sleeve was quieter than many fleshlights even with a heavy application.

Cleanup is not a problem with this Fleshlight texture. Even though the canal has some areas that may trap fluid, I still found it very easy to clean. I didn’t struggle with it at all.

Best Fleshlight for Average and Big Penis: Turbo Thrust Masturbator

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is an amazing blowjob male masturbator. With different rings to penetrate, the Turbo Thrust feels like a tongue and lips on your penis initially, then does a great simulation of deep throating. Thanks to the large insertion point, the Turbo Thrust is great for those with a large penis. After the initial opening, the sleeve does taper down and tighten up, so there is no need to worry that it will be too loose.

The cool thing about this Fleshlight is the 3 separate layers at the opening of the sleeve. The first two do a great job of simulating lips and a tongue. It’s possible to achieve a great orgasm using just these two rings. When you go further, though, that’s when things get really intense. After thrusting past the third ring and entering the main chamber of the fleshlight, you will experience a variety of nubs and teeth. These are both very pronounced and bring some extreme sensations. The Turbo Thrust was intense enough, although it is best for large guys.

The cleanup with this Fleshlight texture was a little bit more intensive than some of the others. It’s worth it, though, because it’s all those nubs and teeth that trap the fluids. I will gladly spend an extra minute or two to ensure it’s clean for the experience this sex toy for men brought to me.

This FL is the closest feeling to real oral sex.

Best Pornstar Fleshlight: Lvl Up Mia Malkova Pussy- Best Fleshlight Model in 2023

If you want to choose a Fleshlight Girls™ product based solely on a porn star, go with the Lvl Up Mia Malkova! Not only is she a great performer with an exquisite pussy, but the texture also found in this sleeve is not to be missed.

Mia Malkova

The opening to this sleeve is placed slightly lower than dead center because it is an accurate representation of her pussy. This creates a nice feeling you don’t get from other fleshlights because the pressure is applied. After all, the top is heavier. It feels excellent.

The first 3 inches of the canal are a unique texture. It has a spiral twist with a tentacle design. This makes the beginning of the sleeve super intense. After the initial area, the sleeve throws a bunch at you. There are teeth, nubs, ridges, and they all alternate from super tight to more open, then back. It’s tough to describe the exact sensation because there is so much going on, but I will tell you it feels amazing. My favorite part is the beginning, though.

The cleanup with this Fleshlight is average. It isn’t too difficult to clean out the canal, but some areas may trap fluids. Even if it took 10 minutes to clean, I would be happy, though. The feeling the different textures give is totally worth it.

Best First-time Fleshlight: Stoya Destroya Sex Toy

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

Stoya Destroya

The Stoya Destroya is easily the best if it’s your first Fleshlight. This is one of the most well-known and highly regarded Fleshlight Girls™ sleeves you can buy, probably the favorite among Reddit users. Modeled after the beautiful performer Stoya Destroya, you can’t go wrong with this one. The sensations are extreme and give the best first impression of a Fleshlight.

The first inch of the sleeve is a tight canal ringed with tiny bumps. This part feels great when you penetrate past that and enter the second chamber, which is a dome filled with very pronounced nubs that provide extreme stimulation. Past that is a longer chamber filled with some very pronounced teeth and fangs that are almost too intense. Following this chamber, the sleeve tapers down and smooths out into a highly ribbed but far less intense section. After the initial chambers, this provides a break for your penis, which helped me last long enough to really enjoy this fleshlight.

The cleanup is not easy because there are so many pronounced features inside. Even worse is the drying time. This sleeve was the one that took the longest to dry. I wasn’t complaining, though, because, after the super intense orgasms the Stoya Destroya sleeve gives, I needed a break.

Top Choice for Hands-free & Interactive Fleshlights: Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

Fleshlight Launch Review

For something a little bit more high-tech, the best bet is the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. This is a hands-free, motorized mount for the Quickshot line of Fleshlight. It is important to note that you must buy the Quickshot sleeve separately. Various settings can be changed to tailor your session to exactly what you want to achieve a great climax every time.

The Quickshot Launch has two handles on either side of the track used for motion. There is a button to adjust the speed of the stroke, the length of the stroke, the stroke position (base, shaft, or tip), and a power/pause button. The Quickshot toy attaches to a dedicated mount located in between the two handles on the track. There is an optional mount to hold a cell phone to the top of the device so you can watch your own content.

This Fleshlight is straightforward to use. After charging the device, all that is needed is to insert the Quickshot sleeve of your choice, lube up, and power on. Changing settings is a cinch, achieved simply with a button press for the desired function. You can set a long stroke length with a slow speed, for example. The stroke position setting is a great feature. This will focus the Quickshot on a specific area of your member. Thanks to the number of options for a customized stroke, the orgasm is different yet intense every time.

Cleaning must be performed carefully. The Quickshot Launch is NOT waterproof. Make sure you don’t get any water in the electrical components of the toy. A wipe down with a cloth was the easiest way I found to do it. The specific sleeve you have will determine that portion of the cleanup.

A basically hands-free automated device with multiple settings for the stroke makes the Quickshot Launch a different type of toy. It is straightforward to use, very good at what it is designed for, and lightweight. You won’t get tired when you use it. Although not a discreet toy, it is well worth adding to your collection.

Best for Travelling: Surge Go – Most Discreet Fleshlight

surge go

If you want to take your Fleshlight with you when you travel, the Surge Go is an optimal pick. It is more compact than a regular Fleshlight making concealment and transport super easy. Even though it is not as big as the original Fleshlight, the orgasm it brings is just as big.

The texture inside the canal of this fleshlight isn’t as varied as some others, but it still gives great sensations. The first three inches are a checkerboard ridge pattern that feels great. This is followed by two areas with large teeth that are very intense. At the end is another section just like the first. The chambers themselves aren’t meant to be super tight, but they are tight anyway because this is a small fleshlight. If you are very large, you might find it uncomfortable.

The suction is powerful with this sleeve. I had to loosen the cap to tone it down slightly because I felt like I might pull the sleeve out of the case otherwise. Once I did that, things became much easier. There was a nice amount of pull without too much friction.

I expected an easy-to-clean sleeve because it’s smaller than other Fleshlight sleeves, but it didn’t really change. There was no difficulty because the texture in the canal wasn’t too intricate. It didn’t take overly long to dry either.

Best Anal Sex: Brandi Love Shameless

If you love anal, the Brandi Love Shameless is a solid choice. The gorgeous asshole of this sexy star makes for a great experience. With a nice tight grip and stimulating texture, the orgasms I experienced were some of the best I’ve had.

The entrance is a nice tight orifice that enters into a chamber with the common nubs for the first inch. After this is when things get good. The second chamber is a honeycomb-patterned texture that looks like chicken wire. Two layers are offset, creating a unique texture. The feeling that this three-inch chamber gives is very nice. The final chamber is made up of large connected bubble-like bumps. This gives a very smooth sensation. The variance between the sections led to an intense release.

Because of the intricate texturing, this fleshlight is a bit more difficult to clean. It required more lube than I usually use, so there was more to clean in the end. There are many areas where fluids can get trapped in this sleeve, making it more time-consuming to take care of. The drying time was also longer than usual.

Even with the long clean-up, this is one of my favorite Fleshlight sleeves. I would probably say it is the best Fleshlight texture in this category, but the Spice Eva Lovia is so close. Also, both are very popular among experienced Fleshlight users. I can’t choose between the two when deciding which one is the best Fleshlight sleeve.

Very similar feeling to anal sex!

Best Fantasy Freak Fleshlight Sleeve: Alien Freaks

If you are looking for something a little freaky, the Alien Fleshlight is out of this world. The interior is made up of three popular textures just waiting to be probed. The whole experience, from blast off to finish, was sensational. I reached a climax at warp speed.

The exterior of the opening is not your normal pussy. As the name suggests, it looks like an alien vagina. The opening is looser than most Fleshlight. You can slide right in. The first chamber is a spiral-shaped vortex texture. It’s not very tight but has a great feeling. Right after this is a lotus node. This part was awesome. It’s a great feeling to pop in and out of it. The final chamber is the stamina training unit texture, a tight chamber of very stimulating nubs. The combination of these three textures, each of which is great on its own, combines to create a very intense Fleshlight sensation.

The cleanup of the Alien Fleshlight was quickly done. Even though it ate up lots of lube, there aren’t many places to trap stuff, so it is effortless to take care of. It took an average amount of time to dry when I was done.

How to Clean a Fleshlight?

Cleaning a Fleshlight is very important after every use. If not done properly it can cause mold to grow on the material and reduce the lifespan of the Fleshlight toy. Even though it can sometimes be a hassle, it’s important not to skip this step. The amount of pleasure I receive from Fleshlight totally makes up for the work needed to care for it.

Although it can sometimes take a while, cleaning is a simple process. Remove the sleeve from the case to wash each part separately. The case can be cleaned with soap and water. To clean the insert, rinse first with cold water, then again with warm. Use your fingers to reach inside the canal and clean between the features. Fill it up with warm water and shake it for a minute, then rinse again. More intricate textures will take longer because you have to make sure to get every crevice.

To dry the sleeve, shake out as much moisture as you can and place it on a paper towel. It’s not recommended to shove paper towels inside to dry. The friction created while doing this can cause micro tears which will turn into big tears. It is best just to let the sleeve air dry to avoid ruining your sex toy.

How to Make Your Own Fleshlight?

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, it is possible to make your own fleshlight. There are numerous ways to go about this. This is the most budget-friendly and best (in my experience) homemade Fleshlight, check the video:

Even though this option still feels nice, it isn’t nearly as good as an actual Fleshlight. You may find it worth trying, but you will probably be disappointed. I was.

How to Use a Fleshlight?

Using a fleshlight isn’t complicated. There are some tips and tricks that I picked up through experience that help out a lot.

The first step is heating the sleeve. The easiest way to do this is by putting the sleeve in warm water for a few minutes. Another option is to use a heating blanket. Using one of these allows you to get the sleeve very nicely warm. You can also buy a sleeve warmer. These are made specifically to warm sleeves. These are nice options, but I like the heated blanket pad the best.

Now that the sleeve is warm, place the sleeve into the case, and lube up. Lube is an essential step to avoid damage to both yourself and the sleeve. Use a water-based lube so that you don’t damage the male masturbation toy material.

Choose your position. The easiest method is to lie on your back and use your hand to control the fleshlight. You can also use things around your house to hold the Fleshlight in a position that allows you to thrust into it.

Penetrate the sleeve and do your thing. You can adjust the cap at the end of the casing to adjust how much suction is created. It doesn’t take much of an adjustment to make a big difference.

After you finish, make sure to clean the sleeve properly.

Which Lube is Best for Fleshlight?

It is important only to use water-based lube with your Fleshlight. Any other type of lube will damage the material the sleeve is made of. Water-based lube is always the best choice for Fleshlight toys.

Fleshlight Alternatives:

There are some alternative sex toys to Fleshlight that are often much cheaper. Although they do have some advantages, I will go with a Fleshlight every time. Even though there is a slightly higher price, there is a much greater value with Fleshlight.

Onaholes – Best Cheap Fleshlight

Onaholes are a sleeve that is made of a material called TPE. There are many different varieties of Onahole to choose from, some of which are truly bizarre. It is easy to find an Onahole as cheap as five dollars.

Onahole vs Fleshlight


A Tenga is another option that is very similar to Onaholes. These sleeves range from a cup designed just to go over your head to full-size sleeves like the Fleshlight. Again these can be purchased very cheaply.


The Autoblow is a hands-free automated pocket pussy. It’s neat, but it comes with a high price tag.