Here are Maria and Mark, two open-minded couples with a lot of sexual experience and fun in their lives. We never allowed our relationship to become bored and we were always curious about sex toys and techniques. This is our blog to share our experience with these sex toys and equipment. Some of them are terrible, but there are some jewels, as well. Maria started this blog before she met with Mark and she shared her sexual techniques and sex toy investigations. Later Mark enjoyed this blog and shared his thoughts, as well.

Mark is a huge fan of fleshlights, male masturbators, Tenga eggs, pocket pussys. He had a huge collection before our relationship, but he never ended his journey in this activity.

Maria is a dildo expert, she started her journey in her early 20’s and today she has a collection of more than 40 dildos, butt plugs, vibrators.

Our reviews are always very honest and straight. We know that our experience in sex toys could be different from other people, however, we always share our in-depth techniques on how to reach the maximum impact.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.