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What is Fleshlight and Why is it so Popular?! Tips and My Personal Review!

Over the past 12 years, I’ve been lucky enough to test a wide range of sex toys and enhancers for men. Purchasing my first fleshlight was a game-changer. The fleshlight is – bar none – the best masturbation enhancement toy for men. 

Below, I’ll cover everything you need to know about fleshlights and why they are so popular. I’ll also include my reviews of some of the products I’ve enjoyed and give you an overview of my personal experience with fleshlights.

What is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a sex toy for men. The toy consists of an inner sleeve and a canister. The sleeve is designed to simulate actual sexual activity. It is one of the best ways to enjoy masturbation or enhance romantic experiences between you and your partner.

How Long have Fleshlights been Around?

The first fleshlights hit shelves in 1998. Since then, the parent company Interactive Life Forms has released a vast array of sleeves that simulate the human vulva, anus, and mouth orifice. Recently, companies have been developing products that reproduce the features of particular women – allowing you to experience sex with your favorite pornstars.

Some Interesting Stats About Fleshlights

Fleshlight (the brand) has quickly become one of the most famous and popular sex toy brands on the planet. Interactive Lifeforms has amassed over fifteen million fleshlight sales since its introduction over twenty years ago. They currently estimate approximately 20,000 orders per month.

According to a detailed analysis of sex toy sales in 2014, researchers found 73% of fleshlights sold have pussy openings. Other options include stealth (14%), butt (9%), mouth (4%), and alien (1%). The same research found pornstar Stoya’s personalized fleshlight was leading in sales and accounted for 34% of all pornstar fleshlight sales.

European sales of male masturbators have been just as impressive. Fleshlight posted sales of 400,000 products in 2016, and sales have only continued to climb.

my fleshlight collection

The Different Types of Fleshlights

Since introducing their first line of products, Fleshlight has taken male sex toys to a new level. They offer a wide range of fleshlights for everyone. From different orifices to porno star molded fleshlights, there is a product for everyone.

Porno Stars

Have you ever dreamed of a night of pleasure with your favorite pornstar? Fleshlight offers a range of products specially crafted to reproduce the sexual features of the most popular pornstars of all time. There are pussy, butt, and mouth options available for your pleasure as well. Here are some of my favorite options

  • Spice Eva Lovia is a life-like anal intercourse experience. The interior is narrow to start but expands the deeper you enter, producing an intense suction experience.
  • Stoya Destroya can provide intense and enjoyable climaxes. It is incredibly tight and has bumps and nubs in the interior to enhance the experience.
  • Tasty Elsa Jean has excellent suction and friction during use. It is smaller, so larger customers might want to look at other toys, but this is a great toy for an average size guy.
  • Obsession-Bliss Jenna can help you improve your endurance. The interior provides intense experiences and tightens the deeper you enter the sleeve.

Anal Orifice

We’ve all thought about how good anal sex can be, and Fleshlight offers a wide range of anal orifice sex toys that can bring those fantasies to life. Fleshlight even offers sleeves modeled after famous pornstars to satisfy every fantasy.

My favorite fleshlight products include Spice Eva Loria, Shameless Brandi Love, Next Level Adriana Chechik, and Texas Tornado Alexis Texas. You’ll have a fulfilling anal experience with any of these options; each of these products provides the tightness and intensity you desire. 

Fleshlight Launch

Looking to take your fleshlight experience to the next level? Check out the Fleshlight Launch. This device is a fully automated machine that can attach to your fleshlight. The machine offers manual adjustment of stroke and speed and can achieve up to 180 strokes per minute.

The machine is compatible with many Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and functions with Bluetooth. With the Fleshlight Launch, you can sync the device with compatible VR porn. If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary masturbation experience, you’re going to want to check out the Fleshlight Launch.


The Quickshot is an open-ended 3.5” penis sleeve. The transparent sleeve allows you to see your penis while using the sleeve, providing a new experience. With a variety of nubs and spheres, the interior offers a very unique texture.

The Quickshot is small and lightweight, meaning that it’s ideal for traveling or discreet experiences. Its clear view can make for a fun and exciting experience with your partner as well. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Review


The Fleshlight Turbo is a fantastic way to experience realistic oral sex. It features three sensations that will make you feel like you’re having authentic deep oral sex. You can use the end-cap to tighten or loosen suction and tailor the experience to your liking.


Are you looking for an out-of-this-world experience? If so, Fleshlight created the Alien just for you. This fleshlight is a pearlescent blue alien color that can make your otherworldly fantasies come true. The interior of the toy uses a combination of the Vortex canal and the Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight to bring a sensation that nothing on Earth could provide.

Tight Fleshlights

Do you want to have a tighter experience? Fleshlight has an extensive product line, and many of their toys provide an extremely tight experience. These smaller fleshlights can also be ideal for men with smaller penises.

If you’re looking for tightness, my pick in this category goes to the Eva Lovia Spice. This anal experience has an intensely tight entrance and first chamber.

The Jessica Drake Heavenly fleshlight is a close runner-up and combines some of Fleshlight’s most popular features. If you are looking for a toy that remains tight no matter how deep you go, this is the pick for you!

Realistic Fleshlights

Using a realistic fleshlight can help your imagination while masturbating. Fleshlight makes products that look great and feel as similar to real sex as possible. I’ve tried many different models and found these three to provide the most realistic sexual experience:

  • The Riley Reid Utopia fleshlight has a tight opening that loosens as you enter. This sensation gives a realistic sexual experience that can feel almost as good as the real thing.
  • The Alexis Texas Tornado fleshlight has a realistic appearance and gives a fantastic anal experience. 
  • The Turbo Thrust is my pick for the best blowjob from a fleshlight. It feels just like a woman’s lips, tongue, and throat as you enter and stroke the toy.

Stamina Training Unit (STU)

If you’ve ever wanted to last longer, then you should consider getting a stamina training unit – I’ve used one myself and am very pleased with how much my sexual performance has improved! 

This toy is excellent at improving stamina, reducing premature ejaculation, and intensifying orgasms. I encourage anyone looking to improve their performance in bed to check out this fleshlight.

Pilot (Flight)

I travel quite a bit and love to take the Pilot on the road with me. It has a discreet case that makes it ideal for your luggage. The interior has various textures in each chamber that can enhance your experience and help you improve your sexual stamina.

fleshlight pilot 1


This toy comes in a transparent sleeve and lets the user see everything while they use it. I’ve used this sleeve with my partner, and it has made for a few fun nights at home. The clear sleeve gives everyone a great view of the action. 


Another compact option, I’ll take this one on the go when traveling. While small, it can still deliver mind-blowing orgasms and masturbation experiences.


Sex toys aren’t just for the straight crowd. Fleshlights Fleshjack line of toys gives men the opportunity to experience virtual sex with their favorite male pornstars. Fleshjack has many different options and with their products being molded after the most famous gay pornstars.


I love adding a vibrator to masturbation sessions. It offers a brand new set of sensations that has helped me achieve some incredible orgasms. The Fleshlight Vibro adds vibrating pleasure to your toy. Using three vibrating bullets, get ready for some of the most intense and exciting experiences of your life.


The Fleshskin is a small, clear masturbation aid. Being 5 inches tall, this toy is fantastic for men with smaller penises or for those looking to be discreet. The see-through skin can make this toy great for couple’s experiences as well. 

My Favorite and the Best Fleshlight

I’ve been lucky enough to try over 30 different Fleshlights. To choose only one is a tough call. With so many styles and varieties, it’s challenging to select only one. 

If I could only have one fleshlight, I would pick the Utopia Riley Reid. It’s my personal preference, but it has given me some of the most realistic and satisfying experiences I’ve ever had. 

My Review and Experience of Fleshlights: Is it Really Good?

Having 12 years of experience, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy using my fleshlights. I have used over 30 different pocket pussies and still enjoy experimenting to find the best experience available.

I’ve tried all of the major brands, but Fleshlight is the obvious winner. When it comes to male sex toys, it beats all the other major competitors, including Onahole, Tenga, and Autoblow. 

My reviews on this website come from many sources, including my own personal experience, posts and conversations with users and friends on Reddit, and our secret Facebook group, where we can share our experiences.

How to Use a Fleshlight 1

Is it Worth Buying a Fleshlight?

So is it worth purchasing a fleshlight? While the price might scare away some customers, I would strongly consider investing in a fleshlight. Even if you have sex regularly, you can benefit from using a fleshlight during masturbation or while with your partner.

It’s difficult to explain just how good fleshlights feel with words, so let’s compare them to traditional masturbation, other pocket pussies, and real sex using numbers to put the experience they offer into perspective. I’ll grade each experience on a scale of 1-10, with real sex being 10 and no sex being 0.

To me, fleshlights have an average of 7. Hand masturbation would get a grade of 2-3.

Grading other pocket pussy brands, Autoblow gets a 6, Onahole scores a 5, Tracy’s Dog scores a 5, and Tenga 4-5. As you can see, fleshlight beats all other male sex toys I’ve tested easily.

Tips for Using a Fleshlight

Because purchasing a fleshlight can be pricey, you’ll want to ensure that you clean and maintain it so that you can enjoy its pleasures for years.

fleshlight cleaning

How to Clean a Fleshlight

Using dirty or used fleshlight can cause serious problems. Bacteria and mold that will build up without cleaning can cause infections. Luckily cleaning a fleshlight is straightforward.

  1. Use cold water to rinse the interior of the fleshlight. Ensure the toy is empty and free of lube and semen.
  2. Once empty, use warm water and your fingers to clean the interior thoroughly.
  3. Cover the top of the toy and fill it with water. Shake the toy and then drain it.
  4. Apply isopropyl-based sprays of Fleshwash to prevent bacteria growth and disinfect the toy.
  5. Allow the fleshlight to air dry or use a fan.
  6. Once dried, place the fleshlight in its storage case.
fleshlight drying fan

How to Dry a Fleshlight

You should properly dry your fleshlight. No matter which technique you use, don’t turn your fleshlight sleeve inside out.

  • Lay your fleshlight sleeve on a towel or microfiber cloth. Towel dry the sleeve. Remove both caps, and then allow your fleshlight to sit until it dries thoroughly. 
  • Use a car shammy to dry the interior of the fleshlight – this speeds up the drying process.
  • Use a fan or hair dryer to speed up drying.
  • Dry your fleshlight in a closet with a wire hanger.
make fleshlight tighter

How to Make a Fleshlight Tighter

Do you wish your fleshlight was even tighter? Don’t worry; here are six tested ways to do just that: 

  • Use rubber bands on the sleeve to increase grip and tightness. 
  • Place tiny sponges in between the case and sleeve to experience different sensations.
  • Cardboard rolls can be used to increase tightness. Cut open a cardboard roll and attach it with rubber bands to improve your experience. 
  • Keep the cap on the end of the fleshlight. This will instantly improve suction inside the sleeve.
  • Placing your larger sleeve into a Fleshlight Go case will create a tighter experience with more suction.
  • Use some muscle. Squeeze the sleeve with your hand to customize tightens and suction during playtime. 
Best Lube for Fleshlight

Best Lube for your Fleshlight

Lube will ensure you get the most pleasure out of your fleshlight. It will be more realistic, reduce injuries, and prevent damage to your sex toy. From experience, I suggest using water-based lubricants with your fleshlight. I’ve tested many lubes, and these are my favorite lubes for fleshlights.

  • Fleshlube Water will improve your fleshlight experience. It is paraben-free and one of the best brands on the market.
  • Lovehoney Water-based Lubricant is long-lasting and works great with condoms.
  • ID Glide Lubricant is specially designed for sex toys and is odorless and transparent. Great for discreet use.
  • Sliquid H20 Vegan Water-Based Lubricant is ideal for sensitive skin and will reduce chafing issues.

Should you Buy a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights can benefit guys with a wide range of lifestyles. Whether you are single or happily married, sex toys can do wonders for your sexual health. Here are some key factors you should consider before buying a fleshlight.

  • A fleshlight is the next best thing to sex and is much more exhilarating than traditional masturbation.
  • Using a fleshlight is excellent training and can help you improve stamina and performance.
  • Fleshlights are durable and will last longer than other name-brand sex toys.
  • It can be a great toy to use for couples that want to experiment.
  • The stimulation levels of fleshlights are second to none.
  • Sleeves have life-like appearances, and many are modeled after famous pornstars.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy.
DIY Homemade Fleshlights

Homemade Fleshlights

Are you worried about the costs associated with purchasing a fleshlight? A $100 price tag might be out of your budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without a fleshlight experience. 

It can be easy to make your own at home. I tried a few homemade fleshlight solutions, and these were my favorites:

  • Fold tube socks and place a rubber glove between the socks. Wrap the third sock around the toy. Use the opening of the glove to create an outlet for your penis. Use rubber bands to secure the toy.
  • Use water and cornstarch to create a mold. Combine the ingredients, then heat till it’s gooey before using a sausage to make the mold. Let freeze for 90 minutes. Remove from the freezer and let the mold reach room temperature before using.
  • Remove the cardboard from a toilet paper roll. Adjust the hole by removing paper from the interior. Stretch a latex glove over the opening and enjoy.

How to Hide a Fleshlight

While you shouldn’t be ashamed of owning a fleshlight, many toy owners want to enjoy their privacy. 

It’s essential that your fleshlight has steady airflow and stays away from damp or moldy areas. Whether you live at home with your parents or have roommates, here are a few places you could hide your fleshlight.

  • Your underwear drawer is one of the best places that will keep your sex toy out of sight.
  • Carve out the inside of a book to provide a discreet hiding location for your fleshlight.
  • Use an old laptop case to reduce the risk of anyone finding your fleshlight.
  • Use plain boxes to hide your toy. Placing the boxes on a high shelf will help keep them hidden as well.

How to Use a Fleshlight

Proper use of your fleshlight will ensure it lasts longer and provides countless pleasurable experiences. Here are some tips on how to get the most enjoyment out of a fleshlight.

  • Heat the toy. Warm water, heating blankets, or specialty sleeve warmers work best.
  • Use water-based lube. This will feel the best and won’t damage the sleeve, being easy to clean up.
  • Wait until you’re erect. Don’t force your penis into the sleeve, or you might cause damage to your toy and penis.
  • Feel free to experiment with different positions. Just like real sex, you may find a favorite.
  • Once you finish, clean your toy. I provided instructions on how to clean your toy above. 
fleshlight warm up

How to Warm Up A Fleshlight

Warming up your fleshlight will provide a realistic and enjoyable experience. Don’t waste your time trying to masturbate with an ice-cold sex toy. I’ve experimented and found these techniques to be my favorite ways to warm up a fleshlight. 

  • Fleshlight makes sleeve warmers that are ideal for quick warming of your toy.
  • Use a heating blanket to warm up your fleshlight.
  • Submerge the fleshlight in a bath of warm water for at least 15 minutes before use.
  • Warming your lube in a glass of hot water is a quick way to get warmth into the toy.

How Long Do Fleshlights Last?

Fleshlight has crafted an incredibly durable product. Unfortunately, they’re not indestructible. As long as you take care of the toy, clean it, and use water-based lubricants, your toy can easily last several years. To ensure your toy lasts, follow these tips:

  • Always thoroughly clean your toy.
  • Avoid vigorous use that causes micro-tears of the Superskin
  • Don’t use oil-based lubes. Water-based lubricants are best for fleshlights.
  • Don’t overheat the toy.

How to Make a Cornstarch Fleshlight

One of the most enjoyable DIY fleshlight experiences I’ve enjoyed was the cornstarch fleshlight. 

  • Fill a wide-brimmed cup at least halfway with cornstarch. Add room-temperature water until the glass is ¾ full, then mix the concoction. 
  • Fill the remainder of the glass with boiling water and stir to a milky fluid.
  • Microwave the solution until you have a slightly solid product.
  • Use a phallic-shaped food the size of your penis to create the mold. 
  • Place the food into the mold, then submerge in ice water. 
  • Freeze for 90 minutes. 
  • Warm up for use and enjoy the experience.

Most Important Fleshlight Benefits

Using a fleshlight can provide benefits for you and your partner. 

  • Training with a fleshlight will improve stamina and reduce premature ejaculation.
  • Experience the feel of your favorite pornstars’ bodies.
  • Fleshlights can reduce death grip relief and help you enjoy real sex more.
  • You’ll have a much better experience compared to hand masturbation.
  • Spice up your sex life by using sex toys in your bedroom.
  • Tight models are great for men worried about their small size.
  • Fleshlights are safe and won’t injure you.
Fleshlight Tips

More Useful Fleshlight Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Positions

After plenty of personal research and experience, I’ve accumulated plenty of tips and advice that can make your fleshlight experience more pleasurable. 

  • Master your stroke technique. Don’t just shove your penis in and ram it as hard as possible.
  • Experiment with positions. You can find hands-free positions as well.
  • Edging with a fleshlight can be an intense experience. Take your time and enjoy it.
  • Fleshlight mounts make hands-free fun easy.
  • Don’t forget foreplay and relaxing.
  • Using a fleshlight with virtual reality is out of this world.
  • Try using both hands to make using the toy easier.

Best Fleshlight for Small Penis

My advice is to find a fleshlight that matches your size. Average measurements range between 5-7 inches. If you’re smaller, don’t worry. Fleshlights come in shapes and sizes that will provide ample tightness and pleasure. These are my top choices for guys that could use a little extra tightness during their experience.

  • The Eva Lovia Spice fleshlight is one of the tightest anal experiences. You’ll have no problem filling this toy up.
  • Choose the Stamina Training Unit if you’re worried about your length. It has a uniform interior that doesn’t change the deeper you go.
  • The Blue Ice FleshSkin stands at 5”. It is small but provides discreet enjoyment.

Best First Fleshlight

You’ve made it this far and have decided to buy your first fleshlight. I encourage you to do plenty of research before purchasing, but here are my choices for the best first fleshlight for newbies: 

  • The Utopia Riley Reid fleshlight features ribbed pleasure and tightness. The strong suction is impressive as well. This toy is well designed and a joy to experience.
  • The most popular pornstar modeled toy, Soya Destroya, is always an excellent option for beginners. It has an incredibly realistic feel that most other toys can’t match.
  • For guys that like it tight, I suggest choosing the LVL Up Mia Malkova fleshlight. It provides an intense and enjoyable experience. 

Alternatives to Fleshlight

Fleshlight isn’t the only manufacturer out there making male sex toys. Here I’ll compare my experiences between Fleshlight and other sex toys I’ve tested.

Fleshlight vs Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight beats the Pocket Pussy in durability and quality. The fleshlight also provides a more intense experience, but the Pocket Pussy offers more realism. The Pocket Pussy is cheaper but will need to be replaced sooner than a Fleshlight.

Autoblow vs Fleshlight

The Autoblow is a machine that provides automatic masturbation. While this is a novel idea, I felt I could never get the best sensations while using the device. The motor is noisy and can take you out of the moment as well. 

onahole vagina

Onahole vs Fleshlight

Onahole offers a realistic sexual experience. They are incredibly affordable and could cost as little as $30. They come in a wide range of shapes and styles that can satisfy your fantasies.

Fleshlight beats the Onahole on durability, intensity, cleanliness, and feel.

Tenga vs Fleshlight

I prefer the feel, intensity, and versatility of my Fleshlights over the Autoblow. At $299, the Autoblow is also quite expensive for the lackluster experience.

After testing several Tenga products, I feel Fleshlight does everything better. Both product lines are durable and are easy to clean. Fleshlight edges ahead in factors like feel and intensity and gives me a more pleasurable experience. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a fleshlight is the best sex toy for men. It provides exhilarating experiences that other name-brand products can’t match. Fleshlight also makes a durable and long-lasting product – my first fleshlight is still in great shape after years of use. 

I hope after reading this article you have a sense of why fleshlights are so popular and are the best male sex toy on the market, IMHO.