Where to Buy a Fleshlight

Where to Buy a Fleshlight? The Cheapest and Most Reliable Webshop!

So you’ve heard about fleshlights and want to try one out but don’t know where to get one. Well, you’re in luck because this is my guide exploring where to buy a fleshlight and which retailer is the best option. I’ve been using fleshlights for over 12 years and have no plans to stop. I have used more than 30 different types of fleshlight and continue to experiment enthusiastically. I’m also active in several different fleshlight enthusiast communities, which have taught me a lot.

Several retailers sell fleshlights and similar products. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. I’ve experienced everything from receiving damaged products to receiving the wrong order. Even though not every sex toy retailer is on the level, worry not! This guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase and enjoy the pleasures that fleshlight offers. Read on to learn from my experience and mistakes, so you don’t have to repeat them.

Which Fleshlights are the Cheapest?

Even if you have to keep the purse strings tight, several fleshlights are very affordable. Even though the price is low, the quality remains high. A lesser cost does not equal a lesser experience with fleshlights. Some of the cheapest options are below.


The Quickshot is the most compact offering from Fleshlight. Intended to be discreet and easy to travel with, the Quickshot is only about half the size of a standard fleshlight. It has an open-ended design instead of just one orifice resulting in a completely different pleasure.


The Fleshlight Go is a more compact version of the original Fleshlight. Shrunk down to about 7″, the Go is perfect for travel. The Go is available in several different styles. The smaller case is perfect for one-hand use.

fleshlight pilot 1


Another Fleshlight designed for travel and discreetness, the Flight has a totally different look than most fleshlights. The case has been redesigned and no longer has the signature flashlight look to it. With the new design, you could leave the sex toy right out in the open, and it’s unlikely to turn many heads. There are a variety of models to choose from, with each having a new and distinct texture.

Fleshlight Sex in a Can

Sex in a Can 

Another completely redesigned option, the Sex in a Can, is made to look like a can of beer. There are four options when it comes to sex in a can, each unique. Though it is supposed to look like a can of beer, it is obvious to anyone who has ever drunk beer that it is not.

The Cheapest and Most Reliable Places to Buy a Fleshlight

It’s no surprise that many different merchants sell popular sex toys like the fleshlight. Not every marketplace is created equal, though. It pays to be informed about some of the options.

The best and most obvious sex shop to buy a fleshlight is straight from the source. Fleshlight.com has been operating for over 25 years now and has been consistently reliable and affordable. I have never had to return a product bought at Fleshlight.com. Every order has been correct and free from defects. The buy two get one free deal is a great option for every customer regardless of budget. You can customize all three of the sleeves with several different options. This is the best way to experiment with different textures and appearances without breaking the bank.

An obvious choice, it’s no great surprise that Amazon.com sells fleshlights in their quest to provide anything that someone can sell. You can find good deals on fleshlights, but there are many fraud sellers to be found on Amazon. You must take extra effort to avoid buying counterfeit fleshlights or completely different sex toys instead of an actual Fleshlight product on Amazon. Make sure to read customer reviews. Even though Amazon’s customer service is very accommodating with returns, much of the time, the return process is overseen by the individual merchant and not Amazon itself. If you choose to use Amazon, make sure you are buying from a reputable merchant.

Some other reputable websites aren’t the most budget-friendly, but they may be worth checking out. Check out lovehoney.com, adameve.com, or pinkcherry.com if you’re interested in some reliable sex toy alternatives. Their products are original and excellent, but more pricey.

Fleshlight Deals and Coupon Codes (Seasonal Fleshlight Deals)

When shopping for a fleshlight, it is always worth checking to see if you can save some money with a deal. My favorite deal is the buy 2 get 1 free offer on Fleshlight.com. There are also many value packs that you could select, which brings the cost down a nice amount. Make sure to see any special holiday offers available if you are shopping for sex toys at the right time of year.

best fleshlights

How to Choose a Fleshlight

Choosing a fleshlight doesn’t seem like it would be a difficult decision. On the contrary, there are many different variables that you should consider before making a purchase decision regarding sex toys. That is the reason we created our fleshlight rating comparison table.

The Size of Your Penis

In my opinion, the single most important factor to think about when shopping for a fleshlight is the size of your penis, both length, and girth. It’s not a good feeling when you eagerly try out your new purchase and find it uncomfortable or that it won’t work.

With so many different types of fleshlights available, all it takes is a little work to find one that will fit you perfectly.

The Appearance of the Fleshlight

Although this is a highly individual preference, the appearance of the fleshlight can be a huge turn-on, or alternately, kill your sex drive immediately. There is no one answer because what is attractive is highly subjective and depends on the person.

Are you super turned on by any specific sexy porn stars? Well, there is a good chance you can find a fleshlight molded directly from the actual body of the star. You can also choose between several different orifice styles such as a vagina, anus, mouth, or even aliens if you want something more unique in your sex toys.

Obsession Bliss fleshlight texture

Amount of Stimulation

The amount of stimulation felt varies wildly between different fleshlights. Models with more extreme textures provide a more intense feeling and are not the best option if you are very sensitive. These textures may also result in numbness during your session. A smoother, less complex texture is the best solution for these problems. Likewise, if you find masturbation boring, you can certainly find a complex and unique texture that will overwhelm you.

Realism During Use

With the wide variety of textures available, it is to be expected that they will give sensations that feel nothing like real sex. It is, however, possible to simulate real sex to a very high degree. Smoother canals that open up after the entrance are very good at replicating the feel of vaginal sex, and a tighter grip does well for anal.

fleshlight cleaning

Ease of Cleanup

Cleaning the Fleshlight material after use is essential, no matter which fleshlight you choose. More intricate textures, such as the Stamina Training Unit, are more difficult to clean because these designs inherently create pockets that can trap fluids and lube within them. If you don’t want to spend a long time cleaning, it’s best to choose a simpler option.

Your Budget

It may seem like it doesn’t need to be said, but your personal budget is a huge factor in deciding. If money is tight, it’s possible to find deals and discounts to lessen the blow to your wallet, such as buy two get one free deal on Fleshlight.com.

Portability and Discretion

If you want to travel with your sex toys or need them to be easy to conceal, the size of the case is the biggest factor. There are various size options specifically engineered to solve these exact issues. Like: go, flight, and sex in a can series.

Fleshlight Ordering, Shipping, Billing, and Returns

Every website has its own system dealing with sales and returns. Because there are so many sex stores that sell fleshlights, I can’t cover all of them, but I will go over the top two places to buy.


Fleshlight.com is the best place to purchase a fleshlight because it is straight from the manufacturer. You know you will get what you ordered.

Fleshlight.com accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. All packages are shipped in a plain box with no indication that it contains a sex toy. All shipping is done through UPS.

You can qualify for free shipping on orders that meet the qualifying amount which is $100 as of this writing and is subject to change. Double-check the details when ordering.

If you need to return a product, you must first contact Fleshlight to request an RMA number. Only unopen and unused products are eligible for returns except when the product is defective or incorrect. If this is the case, you must contact Fleshlight.com to work out a resolution. Pictures of the sex toy will be required.


Amazon is another great place to buy from and one I’m sure we’re all familiar with. Extra care must be used when purchasing on Amazon to avoid fraudulent products.

Amazon accepts all major forms of payment and has a generous return policy. Almost all Amazon products are shipped with plain packaging with no identifying information. In the event that the product does ship in identifying packaging, Amazon offers the option to package it to cover up the identifiers.

Shipping costs will depend on the merchant selling the product but most products are covered with Amazon’s shipping policy.

In the event of a return, most items will be covered by Amazon’s return policy but may be handled by the seller. Make sure to read the details before purchasing as some sellers may make it difficult.

Before ordering make sure you are buying from a reputable seller and that the product is what you want.

Other Sex Toy Merchants

There are other places to purchase fleshlights that are reputable. Each site will have it’s own policies which you can find on the site. Make sure to read the terms before ordering.


What a Fleshlight Feels Like? Should you Buy a Fleshlight?

In brief, if I have to compare and grade my three favorite activities (real sex, using a fleshlight, and regular masturbation), real sex receives the highest mark, 10/10. Using a fleshlight comes in second with a score of 7/10. Regular masturbation, as fun as it is, only gets a 3/10 from me.

So, basically, although using a Fleshlight is much better than regular masturbation, it is never going to be as good as the real thing.

If I have to grade other pocket pussies, I will give Autoblow 6/10, Onahole 5/10, Amazon’s favorite pocket pussy (Tracy’s Dog) 5/10, and Tenga 4/10. These sex toy alternatives suffice but aren’t nearly as satisfying as using an actual fleshlight.