Should I Buy a Fleshlight

Should I Buy a Fleshlight?

I don’t know about you guys, but jerking off just doesn’t cut it for me. Since I settled down with my partner, this issue has come up again. She regularly travels for work, so I’m stuck at home without anyone to fool around with. As a guy, let’s just say I got bored of manual stimulation and lubricant pretty quickly.

I always had thoughts about buying a Fleshlight. They’re one of the best sex toys for men on the market, and millions of men have positive reviews. So I bit the bullet about a decade ago and bought a Fleshlight. After the quick delivery and testing it out, I found the reason it’s so popular. Let’s go through some reasons to buy and figure out if a Fleshlight is right for you.

10 Factors You Should Consider Before You Buy Fleshlight:

From my experience, these are the top reasons to consider before purchasing a Fleshlight. Here, I’ll give you my thoughts on Fleshlights. Let’s jump on in and answer the question we’re here for—should I buy a Fleshlight?

1.) Aside From Sex, a Fleshlight is the Next Best Thing

So I should get this out of the way—no, a Fleshlight can’t replace sex, but it’s as close as you’re going to get. There’s no replacing the connection that happens between two people when they have sex, and a sex toy isn’t going to replace that.

What Fleshlight can help you with is reaching an orgasm that manual stimulation never will. Put simply, if sex with your partner gives you a 10/10 orgasm, a Fleshlight is a 7. A different pocket pussy toy doesn’t compare, mostly due to their lackluster inner texture, and neither does masturbation. 

2.) Improved Stamina and Performance

One of the reasons a guy might purchase a Fleshlight is to help them last longer in bed. If you’ve been finishing earlier than you like, especially with a partner, you can practice edging or slow stimulation with a Fleshlight for stamina training. 

You can also improve your overall performance by using a Fleshlight. You can learn new ways to receive pleasure that you can relay to your partner, resulting in an overall better experience for both of you. 

fleshlight stu texture

3.) Durable Sex Toys

Fleshlights use a patented material called Super Skin in their design. Super Skin is a non-latex substance that’s durable and made to last. The plastic case around the Fleshlight sleeve is sturdy and well-constructed, with a pleasurable texture—no need to worry about replacing your sex toys for years. I still have mine from 5 years ago!

If you do have durability problems, it’s a good reason to call customer service.

4.) Perfect Male Sex Toy for Couples

Some couples may prefer to keep their individual sex toys away from each other, but my partner and I have always embraced our personal needs, so we like to bring the toys into the bedroom and play with them together.

Just like a dildo or vibrator, Fleshlights introduce new possibilities into the bedroom. You could use a Fleshlight to simulate a threesome, or your partner could use it for some light BDSM play. Honestly, the number of sexual experiences you and another person could use a sex toy for is endless. 

5.) Highest Levels of Stimulation

The high-quality Super Skin material and sleeve texture of the sex toy provides their users with intense orgasms. The sleeve material has a more realistic feeling than latex or silicone, and although the price is higher, it’s worth it. You can even warm the sleeve in a bath to increase stimulation and add lubricant to mimic the warmth and feeling of a real vagina. 

6.) Most Realistic-Looking Sex Toy

Fleshlights are the most realistic-looking pocket pussies on the market. They have a range of models to choose from, or you can customize your own to fit your tastes. You have your choice of Fleshlight girls, like Christy Mack or other pornstars. Some of the customizable elements and accessories that increase realism include:

  • Choose among oral, vaginal, or anal holes
  • Pornstar replications
  • Varying size
  • Different inner textures on masturbation sleeves
  • Virtual reality attachments
Most Realistic Fleshlight

7.) Overcome Death Grip Syndrome

Death Grip Syndrome, or when frequent masturbating has caused an inability to finish during sex, is a problem that plagues many men. Death Grip Syndrome comes about because your penis is used to the tightness of your hand, opposed to the slightly less tight sensation of a vagina.

Overcoming Death Grip Syndrome with a Fleshlight is easy. All you need to do is masturbate with a Fleshlight. If you feel the urge to jerk off, don’t be a manual masturbator. By training yourself with the Fleshlight, you’ll get used to finishing without the tight grip you used previously. Your penis will thank you later!

8.) Virtual Reality and Fleshlights Give an Intense Experience

When you enter a Fleshlight for the first time, you’ll be surprised at how realistic the texture feels. If you pair that with a virtual reality (VR) headset, your fantasies can really come alive. There’s no better male sex toy that you can pair with a VR system for intercourse simulation that gives you pleasure and sensation.

9.) Cleaning is a Breeze

The Fleshlight toy design has pleasure as its highest goal. Luckily, they also kept usability in mind too. One way they made the Fleshlight easy to use was by making it easy to clean.

To clean a Fleshlight, all you need to do is remove the front and rear cap and slide the masturbation sleeve out of the case. Soak the hard plastic case pieces in warm water while you clean the sleeve. You can clean the sleeves by running warm water through them or by pulling a clean, wet washcloth through the Fleshlight. Wipe until totally clean, and let dry in a ventilated area. 

10.) Cheaper and Less Risky than Dating

How much do you spend when you go out for a night on the town with your lady friend? I know that when I was dating, I was spending way more than I could afford. And there was always risk involved with casual sex, like sexually transmitted diseases. 

With a Fleshlight, those problems don’t happen. Although a Fleshlight isn’t cheap, it’s a less expensive choice than two dinners at a fancy restaurant. If you buy a Fleshlight, you won’t ever have to worry about STDs.