Onahole vs Fleshlight

Onahole vs Fleshlight – Which is better?

During these long, boring, and lonely days, everyone needs something to fill the hole.

However, getting stuck straight in – puns aside – to the world of pocket pussy masturbators can lead to some costly mistakes and regrets.

Onahole vs. Fleshlight is very much the Coke vs. Pepsi of male sex toy sleeves.

Both offer their unique features and advantages, and the answer as to which pocket pussy is ‘better’ largely depends on each user’s preferences.

Where to Buy a Fleshlight

Differences between the Onahole and the Fleshlight sex toy

Onaholes come from Japan and are made from a soft, skin-like plastic called TPE. They are usually modeled around a specific part of the anatomy, vary in size, and come in a massive variety of models to fulfill any sexual fantasy – from an anime princess to ice cream.

Fleshlights are made here in the US from a soft, lifelike plastic called Superskin.

A Fleshlight is encased in a durable plastic cover with an opening at one end and is made from a mold of a porn actress’s pussy or butt.


When it comes to durability, the Fleshlight takes the lead by a considerable margin mainly because a Fleshlight is encased within a sturdy plastic that’s built to withstand friction.

The Onahole sex toy, on the other hand, is entirely molded into a shape – such as a human mouth, breasts, or pussy – and is therefore prone to external damage during more forceful sessions.


Intensity is a difficult thing to determine when reviewing sex toys, as it isn’t quantifiable.

What gives me stimulation may not bring about the same sensations in somebody else, so it is pretty hard to decide which is the perfect choice for everyone.

For me, however, this point has to go to the Fleshlight over the Onahole.

This is largely because of the different materials which are layered on the inside of the Fleshlight pocket pussy devices – which add waves of stimulation (for me at least).

Easy to clean

This is a slightly easier one, as it has to go to the Fleshlight.

As Fleshlights are an open design, all you’ve got to do when cleaning it out is unscrew the end, let the ‘debris’ out, and then rinse the Fleshlight out with clean water.

Most Onaholes, however, are not open-ended, which creates a vacuum. Although this suction certainly has its advantages, it does mean that cleanup with an Onahole is somewhat more challenging and messy than with a Fleshlight.


Again, when it comes to which of these sex toy products ‘feels’ the best, it really depends on each user’s tastes and preferences.

However, I can say that the Superskin plastic used on the Fleshlight generally feels more durable and lifelike.


When it comes to realism, for me, the Onahole wins by a county mile.

With an Onahole, you can authentically replicate the experience and sensations of real sex, thanks to the realistic feeling masturbation hole, which perfectly replicates the size and space of a pussy or butt hole.


The point for the quality of materials has to go to the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight has been consistently releasing the same type of sex toy for years now. In that time, they have mastered the art of creating a durable, realistic masturbator made from high-quality material.

Onaholes are also often made from molds of a Japanese porn star’s pussy or butt hole. However, they often lack the believability and realness that a Fleshlight offers in texture and aesthetics.


The Onahole wins on price, every time.

It is possible to find an Onahole for as little as $5 for a smaller-sized pocket pussy – making them an ideal option for anyone looking to dip into the world of masturbator toys on a budget.

If you want a Fleshlight, you should expect to pay no less than $40 for a standard pussy sleeve, which is a steep expense for those looking for something to replace their hand casually.

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Onahole types

Vagina Onahole

onahole vagina

Vagina Onaholes is a ‘classic’ option and a great place to start for new to the world of pocket pussy products.

Pretty much every Onahole that I’ve cum across uses a closed-ended design to create a powerful vacuum and uses ridges and bumps within its interior to stimulate the penis.

Most vagina Onahole devices are duel-layered, which means there is an additional layer of different material on the inside which adds to the sensations of pleasure and stimulation.

Breast Onahole

Breast Onaholes are designed for breast lovers who want a realistic pair of tits to rub and play with their heart’s content.

Made to replicate the feel and bounce of natural boobs accurately, this Onahole is ideal for paizuri (or titty fucking) and uses materials that can be safely licked and sucked on.

Mouth Onahole

For lovers of fellatio, another option is a mouth Onahole.

These are designed to accurately replicate the stimulation of a blowjob, with lifelike teeth, tongue, and throat action that feels amazing when you add lotion.

Hip Onahole

Hip Onaholes are soft, malleable pocket pussy devices that are molded into the shape of a woman’s hip – and often give users a choice of entering through the vagina or butt.

Primarily made in Japan by Magic Eyes, this sort of Onahole looks and feels fantastic and often features a layered design within their vagina or butt that uses ridges and groves to create a more lifelike and realistic sensation when thrusting.

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Fleshlight types

Fleshlight Originals

The Fleshlight Originals truly has stood the test of time and held its position as the number one choice male sex toy masturbator out there.

The original Fleshlight comes in two options, the “Pink Lady,” a perfectly molded pussy soft to the touch and tight in all the right places.

The second option is the “Classic Pink Butt,” Fleshlight, which perfectly replicates the sensations of anal sex by being tighter and less forgiving.

Fleshlight Girls

Best Fleshlight Girl

The Fleshlight Girls range of sleeves made from molds of professional porn actresses’ pussies and butt holes, giving you the chance to be inside your favorite porn stars and add a layer of realness to your masturbating sessions.

Fleshjack Boys

Variety is the spice of life, and for those that want to experience a sexual encounter with a guy – without going the full three-dimensions – I’d recommend trying Fleshjack Boys.

These lifelike and realistic Fleshlight sleeves are made from Superskin molds of famous porn stars’ butt holes to perfectly replicate the experience of sex with the man of your dreams.

Fleshlight Ice

Another excellent option is the Fleshlight Ice for myself, who get a kick out of visual and physical stimulation.

These are the only textured, transparent Fleshlight sleeves that let you (or your partner if you’re lucky enough) see all the action as it happens, adding another layer of pleasure to what is already a genuinely sensational masturbating experience.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight STU Review

Everything needed to perfectly simulate the sensations of real sex – including a Fleshlight sleeve warmer and a mounted masturbation hole for hands-free thrusting. This training kit is perfect if you are looking to improve your stamina for a more mutually enjoyable sexual experience.

Fleshlight Quickshot

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

Sometimes all you need is a quick release, and the Fleshlight Quickshot aims to facilitate precisely that.

With a clear entry point at either side of the sleeve, this compact pocket pussy provides double-entry ways that are molded from a porn star’s pussy and butt – giving you the best of both worlds in a discrete and easy-to-hide sex toy.

Fleshlight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Review

Finally, the Fleshlight Pilot is perfect for the masturbator-on-the-move.

This sex toy has been aerodynamically engineered to pack all of the classic Fleshlight feelings into a compact, discrete, and easily transportable size.

Like all Fleshlight sleeves, this sex toy is constructed from body-safe Superskin plastic, with interior textures that feel strikingly realistic.

The Fleshlight Pilot’s primary difference is its discrete and compact dimensions that means you can hide your pocket pussy anywhere in your room without attracting any unwanted attention from your flatmates or family.

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Final thoughts

To summarize, when it comes to the Onahole VS Fleshlight debate, the choice depends on what each user is looking for from their male sex toy masturbator.

If you want something that you can use causally to replace your hand, I’d probably recommend buying an Onahole. However, if you want something that will last for years and quench your sexual thirst on many a lonely night, then I’d advise you to invest in a Fleshlight.

Whatever you decide, though, I hope that this Fleshlight and Onahole guide has given you some insight into how awesome male sex toys can be and the various types available on the market.

Buying a male sex toy masturbator will never be something you’ll regret, and as the ongoing pandemic continues to cock-block us all, what better way is there to choose between a Fleshlight or an Onahole than to get stuck in and find out for yourself?