DIY Homemade Fleshlight

6 Most Stimulating Homemade Fleshlights – How to make a DIY Fleshlight?

Masturbation with the hand is so prehistoric. Hundreds of toys and devices can bring an auto-orgasm more stimulating and fulfilling than a lubed-up palm. From pocket pussy to penis ring, the world of sex by yourself has taken some giant leaps forward in recent years. 

In my experience, the best masturbation device for men is a fleshlight. It’s about as close as you can get to the real thing while alone. Unfortunately, they get pretty expensive in most sex toy shops. 

You’re looking at about a $100 price tag for the average and even higher if you want a specific toy modeled after a pornstar’s genitalia. What if I told you that fleshlights are easy to make? 

You could have a DIY fleshlight in your dresser drawer tomorrow with a few household materials and the proper building instructions. I tried the best DIY fleshlights and compiled the following list of the six most stimulating homemade fleshlight.


1.) Socks FL

This is one of the simplest DIY fleshlights you’ll find on the internet. I already had almost all the materials at my house (I had to go out for a box of rubber gloves). My first experience with the fleshlight was pleasant. 

I enjoyed the tautness of the glove, and I used my favorite lube to make it even more pleasurable. However, I did find that midway through my session. The homemade fleshlight was already beginning to loosen up.

Also, the tightness provided by the rubber band was only at the front of the device. I have to add additional rubber bands so I could maintain the tightness throughout.

Grade: C+ 


  • 3 Tube Socks
  • Rubber Glove
  • Rubber band
  • Fitted sheet (optional)
  • 3 belts (optional)
  • Thin blanket (optional)

How to Make it: 

Take two tube socks and fold them three times. Then place the rubber glove between the socks. Take the third tube sock and wrap it around this pile of socks and a glove. 

Make sure to leave the opening of the glove hanging out. Then open the glove so the elastic spreads over the opening of the wrap, creating the opening for the fleshlight. Finally, put a rubber band around the top to make it extra secure. 

This build also has a full lower body option. To build the lower body, fold together with a thin sheet and a fitted blanket until they form two thin legs. Then wrap three belts around them to secure it. Finally, insert the fleshlight into the opening of the fold. 

2.) Cornstarch Jelly Method

I was unfamiliar with the materials but pleasantly surprised by the result. The toy was very soft and resembled silicon. Most sex toys are made from silicone because it’s soft and it works well with lubrication. 

I found that the toy worked well with my lube and remained tight throughout the whole session. The drawback is that it’s not reusable. You’ll have to repeat the process every time you want to masturbate, and it takes about two hours to make one. 

Grade: A- 


  • Corn or Potato Starch
  • A glass 
  • Water
  • Microwave
  • Boiling water
  • Refrigerator

How to Make it:

Start the mold by filling a glass about halfway with starch. Then combine the starch with water until it’s milky. Fill the rest of the glass with boiling water, leaving a little space for expansion. Then microwave it for two and half minutes.

After microwaving the glass, the consistency should be gooey. You can then add a sausage (size of your choosing) to it to create a mold. Then put it in an ice bath. Afterward, leave it in the freezer for 90 minutes. 

Remove it from the freezer and let it reach room temperature. Do not remove the mold from the glass. Microwave for thirty seconds if you want it to be warmer. 

3.) Towel Masturbator 

This one is very similar to the tube sock masturbator, but it had less texture. The two inner tube socks provide some bumps and ridges when masturbating, while this is just a straight tube.

I still enjoyed my experience with this sex toy because it’s so easy to make. Unlike the two previous entries, this one takes less than five minutes. That makes it practical for regular masturbation sessions. 

Grade: C


  • Small towel
  • Rubber glove
  • Rubber band

How to Make it:

Fold the towel until its width is the same length as the glove. Then, roll the glove in the towel as tightly as possible. Leave the glove’s opening outside the towel, then stretch it around to form the opening of the fleshlight. Finally, secure it with the rubber band. 

4.) Toilet Paper

This one was a lovely experience. At first, I was worried because I thought the hole in the toilet paper roll was too big. However, I was able to adjust the size and found the sensations to be very stimulating. 

I didn’t expect it, but this was one of my favorite entries because it’s easy to make. Everyone has toilet paper rolls, so all I had to do was buy the latex gloves. 

Grade: B+ 


  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Latex glove

How to Make it:

Remove the cardboard tube from the inside of the roll by folding it. Then, adjust the hole size by unraveling the toilet paper internally. Finally, insert the glove and stretch it over the opening. 

5.) Sponge Method

This was another experience of having sex with a latex glove. However, this build had the best temperature of any because of the sponges. You can soak them in hot water to get that authentic hot feeling. 

It was easy to make, and I enjoyed it multiple times. When I wanted to use it again, all I had to do was replace the glove. The build was simple enough to do this in two minutes. 

Grade: B+


  • Two sponges
  • Rubber band
  • Latex glove
  • Cup or bottle with the top cut off

How to Make it: 

Sandwich the glove between two sponges, then place it in the cup. Stretch the top of the glove over the cup and secure it with the rubber band. If you want, soak the sponges in warm water. 

6.) Pillow Stuffing

This was my least favorite build. The pillow stuffing does little to simulate real sex, in my opinion. Despite the latex glove, I still felt like I was having sex with a stuffed animal. It’s also too soft to provide adequate tightness. 

Grade: D


  • Plastic bottle
  • Duct tape
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Latex glove
  • Rubber Band

How to Make it: 

Cut the top off a plastic bottle and duct tape the edges, so they’re not sharp. Then, pack the bottle with pill stuffing. Make a small hole in the stuffing to insert your glove. Then stretch the glove over the opening and secure it with a rubber band. 


After having sex with a rubber glove in five different ways, I have to say that top fleshlight sleeves are better. These methods are a nice cheap way to masturbate but unlikely to provide lasting satisfaction. My favorite method was the cornstarch because it at least felt like a real sex toy.