How to Warm Up Fleshlight

How to Warm Up Fleshlight?

It’s a tale as old as time – you invest in a fleshlight for those fun nights in and tonight is the night to finally try it out. You’ve covered it in lube and you slip inside – but god – it’s cold and doesn’t feel at all like sex, is it meant to feel like this you begin to wonder?

Forgetting to warm up your fleshlight or trying to find quicker routes can end in real disappointment. For the ultimate realistic experience, I always prepare ahead and warm up a fleshlight before using it. Some methods work better than others and you tend to figure this out the hard way.

If you’re expecting something warm and inviting, but instead you’re met with luke-warm at best and warped textures from bizarre heating methods, something has got to change!

With so much talk in forums on the best way to warm up your fleshlight, I’m going to go through some of the methods I have tried and what I have found works best.

Different ways to warm up a Fleshlight

Fleshlight sleeve warmer

The manufacturers of fleshlights usually have their own sleeve warmer available to purchase, so you don’t have to mess around with complicated setups just to use your fleshlight comfortably.

It is a tall rod connected to a stand that you place your fleshlight over, with the rod warming it up from the inside. All you have to do is plug it in and the rod will heat up to its maximum temperature after around 10 minutes before turning automatically itself off. This feature is especially useful so you don’t end up with a searing fleshlight with some really unfortunate results.

I personally love this warming method because it takes just a few minutes and doesn’t involve hot water or complicated setups, just one fleshlight sleeve warmer. The only downside is if you’re unable to warm up multiple toys in one go unless you buy several warmers.

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fleshlight warm up

Heating blanket

This method of warming your fleshlight is aimed towards getting the Superskin material of the fleshlight up to a skin-like temperature. By taking a little extra time to prepare and set up the blanket, you reap the benefits of having a transformative experience.

All it involves is placing the sleeves into their cases and placing them on the blanket. To get the full warmth make sure the opening of the sleeve is in the middle of the blanket and then wrap it all up.

Once the temperature is set, you’re free to just leave it and go about your day. I love not having to think about my sleeve until just before I want to use it.

A big benefit of this way is to heat multiple fleshlights in one go. Rarely do I just want to use one type of sleeve in an evening, this way I have plenty of choices and never have to wait for a sleeve to heat up. However, this way does involve a little more preparation and consideration (well worth it for that final snug sensation though).

Bath filled with warm water

This is the other universally approved way of warming up a fleshlight (other than the official warmer). It is a classic method that involves submerging the fleshlight in a bath of warm water for 15 minutes or longer if you want! Simply remove the sleeve from the case and let the warm water do its magic.

You don’t have to use your full bath for this if you’re wanting something more discrete, things like buckets or your sink would be perfect also. I just make sure there is enough room to submerge the toy and that the container is super clean.

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Warm your lube in hot water

Instead of a pre-warmed fleshlight sleeve, you can instead warm up the lube before using it like normal. You just warm up the tube or sachet of lube in a glass of hot water, which will slightly warm up the toy when you use it.

This is an example of ways that aren’t officially endorsed but can definitely do the trick when wanting a quick and cheap alternative.

For the dream fleshlight experience, I sometimes even warm the fleshlight in water as well as this lube method. The combo of both being warm is an explosive feeling to say the very least – I definitely recommend trying this if you have the minutes to spare.


The appeal of just being able to grab your hairdryer for a quick warm-through before sliding in is understandable. It is as easy as just using the hairdryer on the fleshlight until you can feel that it is nice and toasty.

However, unless you want the fleshlight to feel oddly warm on the outside but cold on the inside, this is not the best way forward. I would only recommend this as a quick cost-effective method, but definitely not the most effective.

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What is the best way to warm up a fleshlight?

The best way depends on how much you want to spend on looking after your toys and how realistic of an experience you’re after. When I want a full simulation of sex and slipping inside a warm hole, I make the effort to fully prepare my sleeve so it can feel as much like soft skin as possible.

Overall the best way to do this is the fleshlight sleeve warmer. It is my top pick due to just how easy and low effort it is, for something that consistently heats my sleeves whenever. If you don’t want to buy an official warmer, buying a warming pad or blanket is the perfect alternative.

However, if you don’t want to put the money into a heating product you have many options available – some better than others! You’ll get a better result from water-based methods than ones such as the hairdryer.

Not only will it result in a warmer, comfier sleeve to slide into, but it protects it from potential damage from the heat exposure!