How to Dry a Fleshlight

How to Dry a Fleshlight? Step-by-step Guide

Fleshlight touts itself as one of the leading male pleasure product manufacturers, thanks to the popularity of its famous masturbation sleeve. I personally love these products for their ability to create the best pleasure I’ve experienced. As one of the most popular male sex toys – and most expensive – you want your Fleshlight to last. If you still haven’t found your favorite one, check out the most popular fleshlights.

Keep reading as we take a deep dive into the easiest, fastest, cheapest, and most discreet ways to dry a Fleshlight.

Why You Should Dry Your Fleshlight

Fleshlight sleeves can bring your dick great pleasure, and it’s critical to keep them clean. Try to dry your Fleshlight sleeve every time you use it. If you don’t, water and other liquid substances will trap in there. The sleeves will trap anything that goes inside it. The moist and dark environment these liquids create inside the sleeve is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put my penis in a moldy orifice.

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How Often to Dry a Fleshlight

In the best scenario, you should dry a Fleshlight sleeve by taking it out of its case every time you use it. If that’s not an option, at least once a week or when you notice a lot of buildup. It’s less important to clean the outside of the Fleshlight than the inside. Still, don’t let the sleeve become sticky and dirty.

Different Ways to Dry Your Fleshlight Sleeve

When you’re cleaning a Fleshlight, never pull it open or turn it inside-out to dry. You’ll risk ripping the orifice and ruining the device, and it won’t fit correctly in the case. Fortunately, various drying techniques are safe and easy to use to dry a Fleshlight and keep it lasting as long as possible.

1.) The Classic Step-by-Step Drying Technique

The easiest way to dry a fleshlight is using the classic step-by-step method. You only need one piece of equipment: a paper towel or microfiber cloth, which won’t cause a lot of damage to the Fleshlight sleeve. Here’s how to use this method:

  1. Place the towel or microfiber cloth on a flat surface, like a kitchen table.
  2. Take your Fleshlight outside of the case and lay the sleeve on the towel.
  3. Use another towel or cloth to pat your Fleshlight dry.
  4. Remove both caps to make sure there’s good airflow.
  5. Keep your Fleshlight out of the case until it dries completely.

While this is an easy and cheap way to remove moisture and dry a Fleshlight sleeve, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to dry completely. It all depends on your precision when patting it dry and how much airflow can get through the orifice. Remember not to turn Fleshlights inside out while air drying them – unless you can afford a new toy in case the sleeve rips.

2.) How to Dry Fleshlight Sleeves Using a Car Shammy

Car shammies are a wondrous invention. They are soft, absorbent, and wipe up almost all moisture on a surface – making them the perfect material to dry a fleshlight sleeve. 

If you already have one in your garage, then you’re set. Simply roll it up and slip it inside the Fleshlight’s orifice after taking it out of the case. Squeeze the sleeve to flatten the textured parts inside. Remove the car shammy and leave your Fleshlight to dry.

While it’s a surefire way to trap all the mold-causing moisture in your sex toy, it will take at least a few hours to dry a Fleshlight. Depending on your ability to squeeze and dry, it can take a few days. Make sure you have another toy to use in the meantime!

3.) Using a Fan to Clean Your Fleshlight

I like to use one of the drying techniques mentioned above and then add an extra method: using a fan. This speeds up the drying process so that your sex toy is super dry and ready to put back in the case and use in 30 minutes to an hour.

All you need for this method is the equipment for one of the above methods and a mini fan. Dry your Fleshlight’s interior with a towel, cloth, or car shammy, then lay it out in front of a blower. Set it at high speeds and leave the sleeve to dry.

4.) How to Dry Fleshlight Sleeves With a Hair Dryer

If you need an even faster method to dry a Fleshlight, use your girlfriend’s hairdryer. These devices shoot out hot air at a forceful speed, perfecting for getting your sex toys dried in no time. After drying the sleeve with a cloth or towel, simply take a hairdryer and point it in the Fleshlight’s opening. This method takes a lot more active involvement than other drying methods, but you’ll have a dry – and radiator-warm – Fleshlight in as little as 10 to 30 minutes.

This drying method is very effective for Fleshlight Quichshot.

5.) Dry Your Fleshlight More Efficiently with Rubbing Alcohol

If you’re concerned about mold growth inside your Fleshlight, isopropyl alcohol can help eliminate your worries. While the alcohol doesn’t necessarily dry a Fleshlight, it will kill off bacteria that can grow and prosper in a dark, moist environment.

To use this method:

  1. Start by cleaning out the sliminess.
  2. Run your Fleshlight under tap water and rub out slimy moisture with your fingers.
  3. Pour the isopropyl alcohol onto a paper towel and clean out your Fleshlight.
  4. Leave the toy to dry for a few hours, depending on how well you cleaned it out.

I don’t recommend using this method more than once or twice. Rubbing alcohol is a potent substance and can severely damage your Fleshlight’s material if you use too much.

6.) How to Dry Fleshlight Sleeves Discreetly: A DIY Hanger

Do you live with your parents or a roommate who you don’t want to know about your Fleshlight adventures? I’ve been there, too, and I found this fantastic discreet way to hang up your Fleshlight in your closet to dry using clothes hangers.

This DIY method is easy to use after drying your Fleshlight with a towel when you want to leave the sleeve to dry in a vertical position. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take a wire coat hanger and hook the lip of the top of the Fleshlight to the bottom.
  2. Hang the wire hanger off the bottom of another clothes hanger.
  3. Hang your DIY device in your closet, on a doorknob, or wherever you desire.
  4. Consider placing a bowl or cup underneath the Fleshlight to catch any drippage.

This method will take a few hours or a few days, so keep an eye on your Fleshlight to ensure all the water comes out.

7.) How to Dry Fleshlight Sleeves With a Dish Drying Rack

If you live alone or your roommates don’t mind a Fleshlight sleeve hanging about, consider using your dish rack. These handy kitchen products are made to dry out various household items, so why not your Fleshlight? Take the sleeve out of the Fleshlight case and place it vertically on the rack after washing and drying with a microfiber cloth. 

It’s an easy way to let the water drip out after cleaning Fleshlight sleeves. This process to dry a Fleshlight will likely also take several hours to a few days.

8.) Dry a Fleshlight With an Air Pump

If you own an aquarium, why not use the air pump to dry out your Fleshlight sleeve? After washing out your Fleshlight and drying it with a towel:

  1. Place the end of the pump’s tube into the sleeve.
  2. Plug in the device and let the pump do the work.
  3. Move the air pump around inside the Fleshlight sleeve to ensure you get all the water.

Depending on your precision, this drying model can take about 30 to 60 minutes.

9.) DIY Computer Fan Dryer Method

If you’re up for an intensive DIY project, try using a computer fan to dry Fleshlights. Using a fan cuts drying time down exponentially, and this DIY fan-assisted dryer can dry your Fleshlight in about 60 minutes. It’s a solid drying solution – and a lot better than waiting several days to use your favorite sex toy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two plastic coffee jars
  • Duct tape
  • 120mm computer fan (you can buy one online or take it out of an old computer)
  • 12v DC adapter
mini USB fan

How to Assemble a DIY Fan

If you’re not tech-savvy or inherently great at DIY, assembling this fan might not be self-explanatory for you. Here’s how to put it together:

  1. Cut a hole in one canister.
  2. Tape the canisters together using duct tape.
  3. Place the Fleshlight vertically inside the canisters.
  4. Place the fan on top of the canisters and connect it to the adapter.
  5. Plug the adapter in. The fan will turn on and blow air into the canister and dry the Fleshlight.

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Drying your Fleshlight is an integral part of owning one of these fantastic products. Not taking proper care can lead to mold growth or sleeve tears, so drying it out each time is an important task, but it shouldn’t be a difficult one.

Whether you want to use a hairdryer to quickly dry your Fleshlight, or you’ve considered dissolving the water using a radiator, each of the methods I described above will help you effectively clean your Fleshlight and get you back to pleasuring your dick in no time.