How to Clean a Fleshlight

Have you been cleaning your Fleshlight regularly? Do you know how to clean a Fleshlight?

As a Fleshlight owner, you should be cleaning your Fleshlight regularly. Otherwise, you might risk losing your favorite sex toy. However, cleaning out a Fleshlight is easier said than done. In fact, it can be a bit of a pain if you have never done it before. 

I am going to tell you how you can take better care of your Fleshlight, and what you need to do to make sure it will last as long as it can. As difficult and irritating as the process of cleaning can be, it’s something you need to do every time you use it, kind of like showering or brushing your teeth.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Sex Toys?

Perhaps you are wondering why I’m so insistent that you should clean your Fleshlight every time you use it. The reason is simple—according to a 2017 survey by the adult store Adam & Eve, only 57% of men clean their sex toys after using them for masturbation and a third claimed they never cleaned their sex toys at all.

If you don’t clean your Fleshlight, not only will your Fleshlight start smelling bad, but it will also go moldy. And I’m sure you want to avoid sticking your dick inside a moldy object. 

What’s more, mold consists of microbes, which will make your skin itchy if you continue to use the Fleshlight after it grows mold. Worse, the build-up of bacteria and moisture within the Fleshlight body may cause yeast infection and urinary tract infections (UTI).

If you have a sexual partner, this part is self-explanatory. Using a dirty Fleshlight while having an active sex life with your partner is a bad idea. You can end up spreading the germs inside your Fleshlight to them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can clean, dry, and the basics of taking better care of your Fleshlight so it will have a longer shelf-life. 

Best Way to Clean Your Fleshlight:

Here’s the most effective way to clean a Fleshlight:

  1. Take out the sleeve from the hard case after using the Fleshlight. 
  2. Wash the hard case with warm water and soap. You should focus your attention on the bottom lid or the suction cup. This is where most of your semen ends up, so make sure to wash it thoroughly.
  3. Clean the sleeve well with cold water. Cold water will remove cum and lube from the sleeve’s SuperSkin material. Run water through the sleeve for around 40 seconds. 
  4. Put your fingers into the interior of the sleeve to remove what’s stuck on the sides. If your Fleshlight is textured, pay particular attention to this step. You don’t want to end up missing a lot of fluids inside the crevices of the toy’s skin. Be careful; if you are too rough, you may cause the sleeve to tear. 
  5. Rinse again, this time with one hand over the other hole as you allow water to flow into the other side of the sleeve. 
  6. Put your other hand on the uncovered side. With both of your hands covering each end of the sleeve, start shaking.
  7. Flush out the water. 
  8. Use Fleshwash, Fleshlight’s official cleaner, inside and outside the toy. You should use Fleshwash since it is incredibly sensitive.

If you don’t want to use Fleshwash, you could substitute it with 70% isopropyl alcohol, which you can buy at any drug store. Isopropyl alcohol is also a lot less expensive than Fleshwash and gets into all the nooks and crannies that Fleshwash may not be able to get into. 

Instead of spraying Fleshwash all over your sleeve, you cover one hole with your hand while you pour a small amount (around 25-50 mL) of isopropyl alcohol down the other end. Then, cover the remaining hole with your other hand and shake, as in step 6 above. Do this for about 30 to 40 seconds to make sure all of the bacteria are killed. 

Once you’re done, make sure you’ve applied the alcohol around the holes of the sleeve as well. Then, pour it down the drain.

Isopropyl alcohol will not only stop and prevent mold growth, but it will also help Fleshlights dry faster. You can also consider adding water to the alcohol to give it a 7:3 alcohol to water ratio. The higher the alcohol concentration, the more likely the inner texture of the sleeve may degrade, since the toys are thermoplastic elastomers that have been softened by mineral oils.

Do not use sex toy cleaner to clean your Fleshlight. The toy’s patented texture is so unique that sex toy cleaner will irrevocably damage it. Similarly, do not use detergents on your Fleshlights. Like sex toy cleaner, detergents will make the SuperSkin texture degrade even faster and your toy’s shelf life will be irrevocably shortened.

Do not pack away your Fleshlight until it is fully dry. We will learn how to do that in the part below. 

How to Dry a Fleshlight Sleeve (Step-by-Step Method):

There are two ways to dry a Fleshlight sleeve: the classic method and alternative methods. 

The Classic Method:

  • Air-drying: Once you’re done wiping the sleeve with Fleshwash or the 70% isopropyl alcohol, it’s now time to place the sleeve on a clean, dry surface to dry. You can place it on paper towels or microfiber cloth to dry. This is the air-drying method. Allow the air to dry the sex toy naturally—you do not need to put a paper towel inside. The cleaning has already finished and you are just letting it dry now.

Alternative Methods: 

  • Radiator: You can place it close to a radiator. Let the warm air pass through the sleeve so it will dry faster. Don’t place it too close or on the radiator though—the SuperSkin material might melt. 
  • Hairdryer: You can try using a hairdryer to dry out the sleeve, but as with the radiator, be careful not to place the hairdryer too close to the sleeve; the SuperSkin material might melt. Only use it on a cool setting! Use with caution.
  • Coat hanger: Wrap a thin coat hanger around your sleeve and store it in a closet to dry. The coat hanger acts as a drying rack in this method.

It is imperative that your Fleshlight sleeve completely dries before you use it again. If you are impatient and need to use it as soon as possible, consider buying multiple sleeves.

Fleshlight Care: Take Care of Your Sex Toys

You need to store your Fleshlight in a dry space. 

When Your Sex Toys Get Sticky

Whenever your sleeve starts to get sticky, you need to use cornstarch or the official Fleshlight Renewing Powder to rejuvenate it. The Renewing Powder can be purchased with other Fleshlight accessories.

I suggest you get cornstarch, since the Renewing Powder is just cornstarch in a handy container. You can get cornstarch at any grocery store. Make sure your Fleshlight is totally dry before you do this, however, or you’ll end up with a mess.

Do not use talc or other powders when refreshing the sleeve. Talc may give your dick inflammation and can cause cancer.

Is Turning Your Fleshlight Inside Out a Good Idea?

You may be tempted to turn some of the more textured Fleshlights inside out for better cleaning, but I would generally advise against turning your toy inside out, since that could cause microtears. The sleeve’s SuperSkin material is very delicate, after all.

Buying a Small Tub to Clean Your Fleshlight

You may also want to buy a small tub just for cleaning your Fleshlight, since you probably don’t want to wash it in the same place where you wash your face or your vegetables, such as your bathroom or kitchen sink.

What If Your Fleshlight Smells?

Your Fleshlight will not smell if you use the method outlined above to clean it after each time you use it. 

Remember not to use soap, which will degrade the SuperSkin of the sleeve. The more soap you use, the harder the material will become, regardless of how much cornstarch or Refresher Powder you use on it. In the same vein, don’t use hand sanitizer, since it uses many of the same materials as soap and may destroy the texture of your sleeve’s SuperSkin.

Another reason your Fleshlight may smell is because you are using non-water-based lube. You should always use water-based lube when playing with your Fleshlight, since the material is made of mineral oil. Therefore, you should avoid using oil-based lubes, which will make the sleeve hard and attract a lot of bacteria.

Your Fleshlight may also be smelly because it has already become moldy. In that case, I suggest you throw it out. There are guides out there about how to “save” a moldy Fleshlight, but I do not recommend following such guides. 

This is because once a Fleshlight has become moldy, the material has already degraded so much that the mold has gone deep inside the material. So, even if your sleeve “looks” like it is no longer moldy after a long scrub, the mold may quickly resurface again.

How to Clean Fleshlight: To Wrap It Up

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand how to take care of your Fleshlight. In general, you need to treat your sex toys, including and especially your Fleshlight, like a real lover. Be patient, kind, and take care of it. 

Remember the importance of cleaning your Fleshlight after every masturbation session with it and let the toy dry completely before you start using it again. Otherwise, you may get a yeast infection or worse. If your Fleshlight is starting to get sticky, get some Renewing Powder or cornstarch to rejuvenate it.