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How Long Do Fleshlights Last?

Fleshlights are the biggest revolution in sex toys for men – there’s no debate about that. Few others have managed to create material such as the incredibly realistic Superskin used in a fleshlight.

The skin-like material is a huge innovation in how real of an experience it provides, and is well known for its durability despite pounding it. However, it isn’t indestructible! There are aspects of Superskin that can become damaged with improper use and care.

So how do you make your toy last for years to come? I’ll go through the big things to avoid if you want your sleeves to last and just how long you can expect to be using your favorite toys. If you still haven’t bought your first FL, check out our Fleshlight comparison table.

How long does a Fleshlight last?

The manufacturers promise a ‘lifetime of pleasure’ with your fleshlight, but this actual lifetime varies for different users.

I have been able to use my Fleshlight for several years now and it is this durability that makes me return to it every time. This is in part due to the protective case it comes in, in comparison to similar items like Onaholes.

I actually found that the sensation of my fleshlight became better the more I tried it. There is a sort of initial break-in period, especially with some of the firmer sleeves, where the sleeve had to adapt to my girth with the intense texture and tightness.

The key to having your fleshlight last is simply proper care. Look after your fleshlight correctly and it will look after you for time to come.

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How can Fleshlights become damaged?

Incorrect cleaning

Not washing your fleshlight correctly is maybe the easiest way to accidentally damage it. Cleaning a fleshlight can definitely be a long process but trust me it’s worth it – moldy sleeves from not drying out properly after a clean or warped shape are a mood killer.

You can follow my general cleaning routine below to see the safest way to clean your fleshlight.

Vigorous use

Something you learn after a few goes is that they need to be used with care – rougher use of the fleshlight can definitely end in rips and tears in the sleeve or the holes.

I get that some people want to just get it up and pound the sleeve but this results in huge amounts of friction. This can dry out out the Superskin and lead to micro-tears and eventually large rips.

Using the wrong lube

The Superskin material requires water-based lube because an oil-based lubricant will damage the sensitive polymer material over repeated use.

Oil-based is just going to roughen up and break down the skin-like texture, whereas liquid lubrication intensifies the pleasure and is a smoother sexual experience.


When the mood hits you, it might be tempting to quickly heat the fleshlight by boiling it or a quick turn around the microwave – do not do this! It is an easy way to damage the fleshlight and ruin the texture permanently.

How to clean your fleshlight

Wash in warm water

After I use my fleshlight, I like to first flush out any lubricant and cum with some cold water before thoroughly washing it with warm water. Doing it this way will clean out every drop so all future goes will still be just like a smooth realistic pussy.

fleshlight cleaning

Gently Invert back of the sleeve

With some of the deeper fleshlights, I like to gently invert the back of the fleshlight sleeve as much as possible to make sure that the inside is cleaned properly.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely turn it inside out as this would probably damage it, but ensuring you pat dry as much of the internal surface as possible is important.

Use rubbing alcohol

As I mentioned already, you don’t want to use soap to clean your fleshlight. Not only can soap cause potential damage to your sex toy, but you also might get a soapy (and unpleasant) surprise next time you lubricate up.

Stick to rubbing alcohol to be safe! Rubbing 70% Isopropyl Alcohol over the entirety of your fleshlight will do the trick. Think of it as wanting to treat your fleshlight like it’s real skin, rubbing alcohol ensures your sleeve is fully clean and healthy to use.

There are a lot of cleaning products available which you can also use, including Fleshlight’s own Fleshwash, however, I don’t think they are necessary. Isopropyl alcohol is just a cheaper and convenient method of keeping the sleeves fresh.

Dry in front of a mini USB fan

Personally, I think a USB fan is essential to dry out the fleshlight quickly enough to use it again within another day or so. I place my fleshlight on a clean cloth and position the fan in front of it so it can dry all the leftover residue from the internal tubing.

mini USB fan

You can opt for simply air-drying your fleshlight if the idea of a whole fan set up seems tedious but you do risk never fully drying the internal part of the sleeve.

If you only want to use that specific fleshlight now and then, the longer air dry process might work for you. Just be prepared to wait a long while for it to naturally dry fully.

Store somewhere with good airflow

After going through that whole cleaning process, the last thing you want to do is store it somewhere with no airflow. The fleshlight will not last long if kept in a damp or cold environment after being cleaned – it’ll create a breeding ground for bacteria that no one wants near their body.

I like to store mine in the case to prevent any small pieces of lint or bacteria from various surfaces from coming into contact with the TPE. That being said, I always keep the lid off after a deep clean. This just allows air to flow through the fleshlight and prevents bacterial growth.

Final thoughts

With good care and careful cleaning, your fleshlight is going to last for many years to come. Despite continuous use, my favorite pocket pussy still feels heavenly wrapped around me, maintaining the same firm sensation after many goes.

Being aware of the dangers posed to the fleshlight Superskin and knowing how to avoid it is the best route to having a long and happy life with your fleshlight by your side.