Fleshlight Turbo Review

Fleshlight Turbo Review – In-depth experience

The world of Fleshlights is as deep as it is varied, and choosing the right sleeve to perfectly stimulate your pleasure centers – out of the 185 different textures out there – can take a bit of guidance.

If you are a blow job fan like me, then the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust may be the ideal addition (or starting point) to your collection.

The following Fleshlight Turbo review is based on my own blowjob experience with the Turbo Thrust. It will cover everything you’ll need to know about this unique oral sex masturbation sleeve.

Before we get stuck into this review, however, I should point out that different people will experience different sensations and degrees of stimulation when using the Turbo Thrust.

Keep reading to discover the sensations I derived from deep throating the Fleshlight Turbo, so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not this is the sex toy for you.

Fleshlight Ranking and Ratings:

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  • 5-7 inches => average penis
  • Under 5 inches => small
  • Above 7 inches => large
Turbo Thrust fleshlight texture

Everything You Need To Know About The Turbo Thrust


The Turbo Thrust aims to offer the most lifelike blowjob experience that Fleshlight has launched yet, and in my opinion, they’ve achieved exactly that. Probably this is the best fleshlight orifice in the oral category.

When I opened my Fleshlight Turbo Thrust from its discrete, nondescript delivery box – which did not indicate its contents whatsoever – the first thing I noticed was the cool Blue Ice transparent material that it is made from.

While other toys in the Fleshlight Stars series are molded into the shapes of actresses’ various orifices, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust has an intriguing and exciting abstractness that instantly set my heart pumping.

Sizewise, the Fleshlight Turbo is quite bulky, with an 8.5″ insertable length – although you don’t need even half that size to get a kick out of this toy.

Key Features

Like all Fleshlights, the sleeve texture of the Turbo Thrust is made of SuperSkin material which is perfectly malleable and stretchy – while still feeling strikingly lifelike.

One of the Turbo Thrust’s defining characteristics is that it has three initial entry points, unlike most classic Fleshlights with only one hole.

Because the Turbo Thrust is designed to feel like a blowjob, it has both lips, tongue, and throat sections within it – each of which stimulates your cock in different ways and provides waves of pleasure.

Whether you prefer a deep throat blowjob or just the sensation of feeling the tip of your penis against the tongue section, there is a part of this blowjob machine that everyone can enjoy.

The Blue Ice soft skin material of the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is made from phthalate-free plastic, which is durable enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic sessions with ease.

As with every other full-sized Fleshlight, the Turbo Thrust has an end cap that lets you control the amount of suction you’ll feel.

The tighter you turn the cap, the stronger the suction on your cock will be – which lets you tailor your masturbating experience to your heart’s content.

For extra security to protect the Turbo’s inner workings (where the magic happens), the sleeve is encased in a Mother of Pearl-colored hard plastic casing, which is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your (or your partner’s) hand.


  • The two-part orifice design of the Fleshlight Turbo creates a lifelike blowjob sensation.
  • The Fleshlight Turbo creates a realistic blowjob noise when in use.
  • You can tailor how tight or sloppy your BJs are with the Fleshlight Turbo.
  • Because you can open up the back end of the Turbo, clean-up is pretty quick and easy.
  • As the Blue Ice material of the Fleshlight Turbo is transparent, it magnifies the size of your penis.


  • Due to the multiple layers within the Turbo, getting it lubed up can take a bit of practice.
  • You cannot use the Turbo sleeve with the Fleshlight Launch.
  • If you’re interested in tightest Fleshlight, probably this isn’t the best option for you!

My Personal Experience With The Fleshlight Turbo

When I unboxed and ‘broke in’ my Fleshlight Turbo for the first time, I climaxed within minutes, but I have to admit that the experience slightly underwhelmed me.

However, the following evening (after finding myself fantasizing about the sleeve’s texture and feel all day), I decided to give it another shot – and was thoroughly blown away.

I took more time on my second attempt, added plenty of lube, and loosened the cap to create a sloppy, moisture-filled entryway.

Rather than rushing through the motions as I had the previous night, I tried to slow things down as much as possible and enjoy the feeling of the various materials and textures.

I noticed this time around how much the second-most layer of the Turbo felt like a tongue that was gently caressing my shaft as I pushed it in.

The bubbling noise which the Turbo made, coupled with the slight bumps of the ‘tongue’ on the underside of my penis, caused me to erupt in a way that I rarely manage to from using a sex toy.

The levels of intensity I experienced the second time around were like nothing I’ve ever felt before with any other Fleshlight models.

This was mainly down to the texture differences and transitions between the sleeve’s lips, tongue, and throat sections the deeper I went.

As someone who has had plenty blowjobs over the years, I can honestly say that the experience I had with the Turbo Thrust was the closest to the real thing, as you’ll probably find.

Obviously, when it comes to the Thrust vs. an actual blowjob, there are certain things that a toy will never be able to perfectly replicate – such as the movement of your partner’s mouth or the psychological effect of seeing them do so.

That being said, however, while the Fleshlight Turbo might not feel exactly like a real BJ, the sensation of entering the multiple chambers within the sleeve was pleasure enough that I honestly didn’t care.

After my short-but-sweet session with the Turbo came a thankfully effortless cleanup, as the not-overly-complicated texture within the sleeve allowed water to pass through it easily.

I would say that the lubricants I used did cause quite a bit of mess during my deep throat session, so I’d recommend putting down a towel beforehand or using it in the shower.

Tips For Using The Fleshlight Turbo

One of the best tips that I’ve found after using my Turbo for some time is feeling immeasurably better when warmed up beforehand.

As the orifice is made from TPE plastic (SuperSkin) and is meant to feel like a mouth, it can seem strange and slightly alien when it is cold.

For that reason, I always preheat my Turbo in warm water before using it to replicate the feeling of entering a mouth more accurately.

Another tip that I’ve found to get the most exhilarating orgasm possible out of your Fleshlight is to fully penetrate the sleeve and then twist it in a full circle slowly to get the most out of the grooves and textures.

fleshlight cleaning

How To Clean A Fleshlight Turbo

As mentioned, the cleanup of the Fleshlight Turbo is thankfully quick and easy.

While countless in-depth articles detail every stage in the Fleshlight cleaning process, to save time, I’ll give you a summary of what I do to keep it in working order:

Firstly remove the interior sleeve before rinsing the exterior case in warm water and soap.

Then wash the interior of the sleeve out using warm water again, and use a finger to remove any leftover cum which may be lodged within the canals.

Once you’ve done this, cup one hand over an entry point of your Fleshlight Turbo, and fill the opposite end with water before covering both ends again and shaking it out.

After this, use some Fleshspray – which is the Fleshlight’s official cleaning spray – to the entryways and interior canals of your Turbo to make sure that the sensitive materials are protected.

Fleshlight Turbo Alternatives

If, after reading all the information provided, you are still not 100% sure that the Fleshlight Turbo is for you, luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that may float your boat.

One such alternative is the Fleshlight Flight Commander, a smaller – and therefore more discrete and convenient – cousin of the Flight, one of the most popular Fleshlight sleeves.

Using Fleshlight’s Turbo tech technology, the Commander features a tight-fitting canal with four internal chambers layered with ridges and bumps for maximum stimulation.

Like the Turbo sleeves, the Commander has a lips and tongue section at the front of the canal, followed by a ribbing covered throat section that gets tighter the further you go.

What makes the Commander such a viable alternative to the Tubro is that it is effectively a smaller (and cheaper) version of the same product.

If the size is not a factor that weighs into your decision, I’d advise going with the full-sized Turbo as it can be a lot more fun – but for anyone who is looking for a more discrete toy, the Commander is an excellent choice.

What’s The Difference Between Fleshlight Turbo Thrust and Ignition?

I should point out that the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is not the only blowjob-simulating device Fleshlight offers.

They also have the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition, which is similar but has some subtle differences which make it a viable alternative to anyone who has a passion for blowjob machines.

As both the Turbo Thrust and Fleshlight Turbo Ignition are from the same series, they share a similar shape and feature the same non-anatomical entryways.

The differences between – apart from the Ignition being a metallic copper and the Thrust being transparent – only really becomes apparent once you’ve entered the initial mouth section.

The Turbo Ignition has a far more varied collection of oxygons, ridges, rectangles, and bumps throughout it, making for a far more intense experience than the Thrust.

While the Thrust produces a feeling that is more reminiscent of a familiar blowjob from a trusted partner, the Ignition creates a much more ‘OMG’ feeling thanks to its clusters of grooves and ridges.


In conclusion, any dude who enjoys the experience of getting a stellar blowjob will probably get a good kick out of either toy in the Turbo series.

While it might not ever replace the sensations of the real thing, it is more than sufficient to get you through any lonely nights when your partner cannot oblige.

There is a Fleshlight product out there for everyone, and for those who remain on the fence, another option I’d recommend is going down the ‘classic’ route of getting a Fleshlight Girls sleeve.

These are molded around your favorite models pussies, and butts and come in a massive variety of options to choose from (or collect) to achieve the ultimate masturbatory experience.