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15 Most Useful Fleshlight Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Positions

I am a huge fleshlight fanatic. Trust me on this; I’ve tried more than 30 different ones, and I’m still experimenting! I’ve been using them since I rolled up my first rubber glove in a towel as a teenager, more than 12 years ago. Every month I try a new fleshlight experience, and often, they are even better than the last one I tried. Which fleshlight is the best? Click and find out.

The type of fleshlight you buy is entirely up to you, but proper use is universal. There is a nuance to proper fleshlight use that goes far beyond regular masturbation.

Today, I want to share some of my favorite practices with you. A few of these are my own, while I learned about some of these tips and techniques from our secret Facebook group and Reddit friends. If you own a fleshlight, you need to experiment with these tricks to get full use out of your FL. Otherwise, you might as well be masturbating without one. 

1.) Stroking Technique 

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you need to have sex like an animal. So many people purchase fleshlights and just start thrusting into the things without a care in the world. In reality, you need to be generous with yourself as you would be with a loving partner. 

Don’t insert your penis, and immediately start pounding away as fast as you can. This can cause friction burns, and you’ll be sidelined with no fleshlight masturbation for at least a few days. If you’ve never had friction burns on your penis, trust me, you don’t want to experience them. So, be gentle. 

Insert your penis slowly at first. Try teasing only the head for a while, gently playing with the first inch of the fleshlight. The urge to penetrate will be overwhelming after this, but be patient. Withdraw your penis altogether for a minute. 

Finally, enter deep, starting slowly and then picking up the pace as you see fit. 

2.) Change Positions 

Probably the most common position for fleshlight users is standing. You will have a full erection and jerk the fleshlight as if you were masturbating normally. However, sex with a fleshlight can be a lot more of a sensual experience. 

A novice mistake is to treat your fleshlight as an object. It adds to the fantasy and sensation if you treat it as a real-life partner, and remember that even couples get bored of doing the same position all the time. 

Instead, keep your relationship with your fleshlight interesting by experimenting with new positions regularly. Standing and on your back are the most common positions, but have you ever tried missionary with your fleshlight? You can even place it between two towels to simulate legs. 

Your knees are another great position to try because you’ll have more stability than standing. This may also lead to a better and more comfortable orgasm. You can also try lying on your side for a more intimate cuddle-climax with your fleshlight. 

3.) Try Edging

Similar to the “take it slowly” tip, it also might not be the best idea to have an orgasm as soon as possible when using your fleshlight. Not only will this limit the enjoyment you can get out of it, but it could also decrease your stamina in bed. 

Edging might be one of the top secrets for getting the maximum out of a fleshlight. To edge, all you need to do is begin masturbating and wait. When you feel your orgasm about to explode out of you, stop stroking altogether. Then wait thirty seconds and start again. 

First of all, this will lead to a more powerful orgasm. Have you ever taken a long time to come, and when you finally do, it’s pure ecstasy? Edging helps you achieve that sensation every time. 

It will also help you last longer in bed. By familiarizing yourself with holding back and orgasm, you’ll become more skilled at it and can keep going all night long. 

fleshlight mount

4.) Mount Your Fleshlight

Without the right tools, it can be challenging to have sex with a fleshlight hands-free. I recommend buying a fleshlight mount from the official website and stick it in a private place for your enjoyment. Try a closet or a bedroom wall. Even the side of your bed can work. 

Once you have the fleshlight mounted, you’ll be able to thrust into it like you’re having sex with an actual human. This is great to pair with some pornography and a realistic style of FL to fantasize about whatever or whomever you wish. 

One great place to mount your fleshlight is in the shower. Showers are sexy places full of steam and running water, and a mounted fleshlight here might bring you back to some of the best shower sex you’ve ever had. 

5.) Different Positions and Fleshlight Holders 

If you don’t want a complicated mounting process, you can also try an FL holder. There are several suction cups or mounting mechanisms that will make the process much easier for you. You can even buy specific mounts for the shower.

People who don’t want to spend extra money on a mount can also try some DIY fleshlight holders. The first DIY option is to stick the FL between the mattress and the box spring. You should have a good elevation at that level to have some sweet FL sex on your knees.

Another option for a DIY FL hold is a shoe (preferably a clean one). When the fleshlight is angled correctly inside the shoe, it can feel exactly like the missionary position. Place the shoe and FL on the floor for more stability. 

6.) Foreplay Can Make a Difference

Often, men will become too routine with their masturbation sessions. They’ll have a quick stroke before bed or when they wake up in the morning. Usually, these routines have little intimacy and have a get-straight-to-business approach.

This is not what you want to do to get the maximum orgasm from an FL. You should treat an FL session like you’re taking yourself out on a date. Have a nice drink of your choice so you can relax before you start. Try watching some great porn so you can get in the mood.

Even touching yourself playfully before pulling out the FL can make a massive improvement on your orgasm. As the experts say, foreplay leads to a more powerful climax

7.) Rotate the Fleshlight Around

If you use your hand to operate your fleshlight, one of the greatest advantages is the ability to rotate it. While you’re stroking, try to turn the FL around your penis slowly. Once you feel the sensation, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

This feels great for the same reason women love vibrators. Sure, an authentic penis doesn’t vibrate, and no human orifice can rotate, but these novel sensations are something unique that makes some people like toys more than real sex. 

8.) Cut Off the Beginning of the Rubber

In our secret FL Facebook group, we often discuss what to do when you get bored of your fleshlight. The same model over and over again can become less stimulating, and people need new sensations to remain interested and excited. Usually, I just solve it by buying a new FL.

If you don’t want to invest in a new model, then an alternative is to cut off the beginning of the FL rubber. This will make the FL much looser and change the feeling completely. You’ll feel like you’re trying out a brand new model. 

If your FL is too tight for you, you can also try cutting the rubber.

This technique isn’t recommended for smaller penis. In this case, you have to find a tighter one like Eva Lovia Fleshlight.

fleshlight launch

9.) Fleshlight Launch With VR

This is one of the fantasies I dreamed of as a child. Finally, a fully immersive sexual automation experience!

If you’re not familiar with VR, it gives you a full perspective view and tricks your brain into feeling like you’re standing in a virtual setting. Combine that with POV porn, and you’ll feel like you’re really in the room with a person riding on top of you. 

An FL takes this process to the next level. Now you can add real 4D sensations to your VR experience. For extra pleasure and immersion, try to time your strokes with the video.

10.) Fleshlight Warmer 

Let’s face it. The human body does not feel like a cold, dry piece of material. To fully simulate an actual sexual experience, you need a fleshlight that feels like a real person. Lubrication helps with this, but a nice FL warmer will liven up the toy. 

The average fleshlight warmer looks like a long pole that you insert into your fleshlight before use. It will bring the FL up to about 105°F, the ideal temperature to simulate real-life sex. 

If you don’t want to spend the extra money on a fleshlight warmer, you can also try warm water. Heat some water and soak your fleshlight in it for 5 to 10 minutes before use. Try to dry it out before, so the water doesn’t dilute the lubrication. 

11.) Use Both Hands

For all of you handheld FL users out there, you might have noticed it’s harder to maneuver than your bare penis. Fleshlights are big and bulky, and if you have small hands, you might not even be able to get a decent grip on the thing.

That’s why when I use my handheld FL, I always use two hands. It gives me a more solid grip so I can maintain my ideal stroke frequency. It also helps when you want to try different positions and angles. 

When using one hand, you don’t have enough control over the fleshlight. However, with two, you are its master.

Fleshligh lube

12.) Experiment With the Perfect Amount of Lube 

It took me months to find the perfect amount of lube for my fleshlight. I tried big globs of the stuff at first, assuming the wetter, the better. After some time, I got tired of that and gradually decreased the amount of lube I was using. 

When I got to the ideal amount it was a game-changer. However, everyone has their preference in terms of the wetness of their FL.  Find out more about my favorite and best Fleshlight lubes.

Some people in the Facebook group swear by that big glob I started with. Others only use a drop of lube for a rougher session. Just keep in mind that extra lube makes an FL feel looser while too little can get uncomfortable. 

13.) Get It Out of the Case and Try It This Way

Most fleshlights have the option to remove them from their hard shell for easier cleaning. This can also add a slight variation to your FL use. It will change the texture of the inside because you won’t have a hard wall to contain it. You can also adjust the tightness by tightening your grip. 

14.) Try a Cock Ring 

Most beginners feel their FL very intensely and can’t handle the stimulation. You probably won’t last for long. You can use cock ring to make your session and pleasure last longer. It will also change the sensations inside the fleshlight and add a new texture. 

15.) Experiment With the Tempo 

Tempo variation can be a great benefit for stamina training with a fleshlight. You can try various speeds and frequencies and try to hold back your climax throughout. This will help you last longer during real sex and lead to an intense orgasm from your FL. 

You should base the way you experiment on your typical masturbation routine. If you usually go slow, then fast, try the opposite. If you typically jerk like a jackrabbit the whole time, then try the tortoise speed for an excruciating pleasure session. 


Now you know more about using a fleshlight properly and how to get maximum enjoyment while getting to know its powers. I hope these 15 tips were helpful and wish you many glorious, experimental fleshlight sessions to come.