Fleshlight STU Review

Fleshlight STU Review – In-Depth Experience

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or STU is very different from your ordinary pocket pussy. I started using fleshlights over 10 years ago and have had the opportunity to use many different kinds. I love using them. I’ve put this stamina training unit review together from knowledge gained mainly from my own hands-on experience, but also from discussions I had with friends on Reddit as well as an exclusive Facebook group I’m a member of. Read on to learn what makes this fleshlight stamina unit such a special masturbation sleeve. You guys will also learn a pro tip or two to unlock the full potential of this male masturbator. If you want to find out my favorite and best Fleshlight, you can check our comparison table.

What is the Fleshlight STU

Specifically created as an aid to help increase stamina during sex, this sleeve will bring you to climax in a very short amount of time, thanks to a tight canal and texture that produce intense sensations like no other sex toy. By practicing different methods such as changing the speed of your stroke, or pausing movement completely for a short time, you can gain the ability to master your body and dictate when you ejaculate. By learning how much stimulation it takes to cause you to lose control and the reaction of your body to different techniques you will know what to do to master orgasm delay.

Thanks to enhanced stamina training, premature ejaculation will become a thing of the past. This is beneficial not only for performance anxiety but also for general anxiety. The STU will give you the confidence to please any lady during regular sex, letting you last longer for a more satisfying experience. For more benefits of Fleshlight check out my latest article.

Features of the STU

Insert Material

As with nearly every fleshlight, the sleeve is composed of Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin material. SuperSkin isn’t a marketing gimmick. Specifically designed to mimic the real feel of a vagina closely. SuperSkin makes a huge difference in your ability to imagine you are having real-life sex.


No grey here—the case of the STU is a beautiful, shimmering gold. The color looks pretty cool and adds an element of fun that other fleshlight are lacking.

Just like other fleshlights, the case is in the shape of a flashlight. The case is quite a bit larger than a real flashlight.

Even though nobody will really believe they are looking at a flashlight, it is more discreet than male sex toys with no camouflage element.


The Stamina Training Unit STU has the option of a lady orifice, featured in many fleshlights. The Lady orifice simulates the exterior of a vagina.

You can also choose the stamina training unit with a butt orifice designed to look like an asshole.

Both look quite realistic, as realistic as a pocket pussy can look anyway. This helped with the fantasy of really having sex.

The vulva of the lady design is pretty generic, though, especially after using one of the Fleshlight Girls™ options.


Only a single texture is used in the stamina trainer. The whole wall of the inner texture is made of tightly packed bumps.

The interior canal is satisfyingly tight for the entire length.

The snug grip along with the knobby texture creates powerfully intense stimulation.


  • No other fleshlight is made specifically to increase sexual endurance
  • Both the up-stroke and down-stroke provide a high level of intensity
  • This canal grips tightly throughout and doesn’t lose firmness with use.
  • Capable of causing orgasm quickly, especially for someone who hasn’t used fleshlights before
  • Ideal for small penis. Check out some other models: best Fleshlight for small penis.


  • Has only one tactile pattern, unlike most fleshlights
  • Feels quite different from real sexual intercourse
  • The sensations may be overwhelming, especially if you’re ultra-sensitive

What the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit feels Like?

My preliminary research led me to expect the sleeve to be very intense feeling as well as tight. When I inserted my penis head, the fit was very snug and felt quite nice. The entire length of the insert gripped my penis very well.

As I fully entered the training tool, my level of sexual arousal was very high. The raised bumps weren’t distinct enough to feel each one but instead produced a very velvety and streamlined impression.

Inside it was warm and comforting. Prior to use, I let it soak in a sink filled with fairly hot water. The lubricating product I applied made the whole thing very moist. It felt similar to slipping into a real vagina.

Although I’ve never had stamina issues, when I started actually using the STU, its intense sensation brought me almost to orgasm very quickly. A short breather was absolutely necessary and as I started back up I had to keep the stroke speed down.

It didn’t feel like real sexual intercourse, but the STU isn’t designed for realism. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is meant to improve stamina, so you last longer in bed. As one of the more intense fleshlights, the STU works well for stamina training.

Fleshlights that incorporate multiple textures throughout the interior of the insert are more common and have a lot going for them. That being said, the simplicity of the endurance trainer was surprisingly nice. You don’t have to worry about unintentionally hitting an area with features that stimulate you to the point of finishing unexpectedly. I felt a very consistent sensation for the entire duration of my sensations. Because the design all the way through the interior is identical and produces the same feeling the whole time it’s simple to know when you need to make adjustments to prevent a premature end to your experience.

How to Use the Fleshlight STU to Improve Your Sexual Stamina?

Even though the STU is made to improve the amount of time you last in bed, it’s still a fleshlight and works like they almost all do. To use it in the manner intended by design, there are a couple differences to remember.

Once the sleeve is heated to your desired temperature, make sure to lube up. Only used a water-based lube to avoid causing damage to the material. For a stronger sensation, use as little as possible. Add more if you find penetration to be difficult.

When you penetrate the orifice and start your training, expect to approach climax rapidly. 

As you near the edge, pay attention and note what your penis is experiencing. Before orgasm occurs, a technique I found essential was to just stop. Rest for as long as you need to for the need to ejaculate to pass, then resume. Switching up the stroke pattern works well also.

When you feel ready to continue, use the sex toy to bring yourself near orgasm again. When you’re close to finishing, take another break.

If the sensation achieved through thrusting becomes boring or less intense, rotating the fleshlight can freshen up your experience. It’s not easy, and often impossible, for an actual female to replicate this motion. As a result, the experience is exciting and does awesome things to your nerves. Be prepared to discover a new type of pleasure.

Making adjustments to the cap located at the end of the case will alter how strong the suction that the device generates is. A simple tweak, this is perhaps the easiest way to modify how strongly you feel the stimulation being applied to your dick. It’s important to change what you feel so that you can stay near the edge longer for your stamina training to be effective.

You can also secure your endurance training toy to something so that you can thrust your penis into the sleeve instead of moving the toy itself. The act of thrusting feels very different than moving the trainer itself. This can be done in tons of different ways. Placing the case between cushions or mattresses works very well. 

Through continuous use of the fleshlight to bring yourself to the edge of orgasm, you will learn what you need to do to control your body. Utilizing different breathing techniques along with variations in stroke length and speed teaches you what you need to know to last longer in bed.

Although other masturbators are also capable of extreme sensation, only Fleshlight STU is designed specifically to increase sexual stamina.

How to Clean the STU?

Cleaning the insert after use is essential, but also simple and straightforward. First, use warm water to rinse the insert. Insert your finger and scrub around the entire interior wall to make sure any trapped fluid is removed. The simple design used in this product has few places that are capable of trapping liquid, so this shouldn’t take much effort. Rinse the interior again, allowing it to fill with water. Shake for a few seconds, then rinse one more time. Remove as much water as you can.

If desired, Fleshwash use results in a deeper clean.  Simply spray on, agitate, and follow up with a final rinse.

Place the sleeve on some clean towels and allow it to air dry. You can use a dowel or straightened clothes hanger as a drying rack if you prefer to hang it up to dry.

It’s a bad idea to insert anything into the chambers in an attempt to dry. It’s easy to cause a rip by doing this.

To extend the product’s life, it’s a good idea to use Fleshlight Renewing Powder or cornstarch after the sleeve is dry. Apply the powder to the outside of the sleeve. There is no need to powder the interior.

After drying is complete, powdering the exterior of the insert with cornstarch or the renewing powder made by fleshlight will make the material last longer. It isn’t necessary to powder the inside.

Fleshlight Alternatives that are Similar to the STU?

The STU is great at what it does and is a solid choice, but don’t forget decent alternative options do exist. Fleshlight’s designers invented numerous product options to choose from to give you the custom-tailored experience you’ve been looking for.

If you would prefer something more discreet, a smaller version is available called the Go Stamina Training Unit. Except for size it is identical to the original STU and works just as well. Another portable trainer is the Quickshot variation. Featuring an open-ended design, It has the lady orifice on one end and a butt on the other. The feeling is different even with the same interior design because the open-ended build doesn’t create any pressure.

You can also incorporate another product for alternative ways to use the trainer. A fleshlight shower mount built for fleshlights makes it possible to stick the unit directly to the wall inside of your shower. This allows you to thrust into the sleeve without using your hands. Thrusting is now possible. Cleanup is super easy since you are already in the shower.


All in all, I would give the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit a solid recommendation for most guys. It works well for its intended purpose, improving sexual stamina, but is also very solid overall. It has a nice tight canal and gives great orgasms. I had many great sessions with this fleshlight, even though my goal was not stamina training.

I would not recommend this sleeve to advanced fleshlight users that prefer a variance in texture. If you are larger in girth, it might be a good idea to steer away from the STU due to the tight canal.

All told, the STU is a solid choice when it comes to a fleshlight.