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Fleshlight Launch Review – In-Depth Experience

The Fleshlight Launch is a fully automated interactive device that is unique. Not just a standard pocket pussy, the Fleshlight Launch lets you go hands-free instead of doing everything yourself.

I’ve been using fleshlights for many years and have used many different kinds. I’m active in the fleshlight enthusiast community on places like Reddit, a secret Facebook group I’m part of, and a couple of other forums. This Fleshlight Launch review is based on my own personal experience using the Launch as the primary source.

As cool as the Fleshlight Launch is, not everybody is a fan of it. It has features not very often seen, so most people aren’t used to them or may even be intimidated. Further complicating matters are the various models to be found, with the original Launch being discontinued entirely.

In this Fleshlight Launch review, I will explain these features so that you have the essential information needed to decide whether the Launch is for you or not.

Because the original Launch, the one with the cool interactive mode, has been discontinued, I have also provided information on the top replacement, the Kiiroo KEON. The Kiiroo KEON is made by the company that partnered with Fleshlight to bring us the original Launch, so they have clout.

Fleshlight Ranking and Ratings:

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  • 5-7 inches => average penis
  • Under 5 inches => small
  • Above 7 inches => large

All About the Fleshlight Launch

Even in the varied and oversaturated world of sex toys, the Fleshlight Launch is unique. There is a good chance that most users will not have had an opportunity to use the features the Launch offers and possibly never even knew they existed. Don’t worry if that describes you. I’m going to explore the design and functionality of the Launch in detail to make sure you know what you need to know. Read on to learn about and understand the Fleshlight Launch.

How the Fleshlight Launch Works

In simple terms, the Fleshlight Launch is an electrically powered mount that you attach a fleshlight to, which then automates the work of using the fleshlight. There are a few different versions of the Launch, all of which work similarly. You strap a fleshlight into the device, grab the Launch, place it in your lap, and turn it on.

Using manual mode, you can control the performance of the launch by specifying the stroke speed, length, and in newer models, stroke location to deliver the experience you want.

In interactive mode, the Launch can be synchronized with a video and duplicate the actual movements of the performer. Note that interactive mode is only available with the original Fleshlight Launch, which has been discontinued. The KIIROO KEON is the current top dog for interactive sex simulators. The newer Fleshlight Launch versions do not have interactive mode.

There is a provided mount for phones on top of the Launch, so you do not need to worry about phone placement. Batteries are not necessary because a rechargeable battery is built-in. If the battery is low, you can still use the launch while it is plugged in.

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is compatible with several different types of fleshlights, and the ratcheting strap even makes it possible to hold some pocket pussies other than actual Fleshlights. The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is made specifically to hold Fleshlight Quickshot products. The Original Launch is only meant for Original Full-size Fleshlights.

Features and Specifications

There are three different versions of the Launch that have been released. The Original Launch, The Universal Launch, and The Quickshot Launch. The Universal Launch and The Quickshot Launch are both very similar and are the newest models. The Original Launch is quite different and is the only model to feature both modes and is best for VR.

Unfortunately, the Original Launch has been discontinued. The Kiiroo KEON is the best product if interactive and VR porn are your main draws.

Original Launch (Discontinued)
  • 12.5″ x 6.2″ x 6.6″
  • 3.3 lbs without Fleshlight
  • Up to 180 strokes per minute
  • Features both interactive and manual modes
  • 3-6 Hours Charge Time
  • 2 hours of use on a full charge
  • Compatible with Standard size Fleshlights (Not included)
  • Adjust Stroke Length and Speed
Universal and Quickshot Launch
  • 14″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″
  • 3.2 lbs without Fleshlight
  • Up to 250 strokes per minute
  • Manual Mode Only
  • 1.5 Hour Charge Time
  • 60 minutes of use on a full charge
  • Compatible with Standard Size Fleshlights (Not included)
  • Two handles for control
  • Adjust Stroke Length, Stroke Speed, and Stroke Position
Kiiroo KEON
  • 8.6″ x 5.1″ x 5.7″
  • 2.4 lbs without Feel Stroker
  • Up to 230 strokes per minute
  • Both Interactive and Manual Mode
  • 4 hour charge time
  • 30 minutes – two hours of use on a full charge
  • Compatible with Feel Stroker (Included)
  • Adjust Stroke Length, Stroke Speed, and Stroke Position
  • Best device to sync with interactive and VR porn


  • It completely changes your masturbation experience
  • interactive is very close to real sex
  • Despite the moving parts, it is safe to use. I have never heard of any injuries caused during the use of a Launch
  • Makes the use of fleshlights much better
  • Interactive mode is the tits, bringing an endless variety of sensation
  • You can choose which fleshlight sleeve you want to use


  • The feeling is unusual at first
  • You need to be able to relax and trust in the Launch
  • Outside of interactive mode content, it can seem robotic at times
  • Charging time is a drag
  • Not very cheap

Who Should Buy the Launch (or KIIRO)?

The Fleshlight Launch is well suited for almost anybody, but if you have never used a Fleshlight before, I would experiment with different ones before jumping into using the Launch. Try both the standard fleshlights and a Quickshot to decide better which type of Launch you would prefer. Also, because no Fleshlights are included with the Launch purchase, it is a good idea to have a few that you can switch out.

If you are seeking an interactive experience, the Kiiroo KEON is a better choice because the new Launch models don’t have the feature.

My Personal Experience With the Fleshlight Universal Launch and Kiiroo KEON

The Original Launch was a game-changer for me when it came out. I was upset when I found out it was discontinued and that the new Launch models wouldn’t have interactive mode. The redesign intrigued me because of the handles and increased stroke speed, though.

I decided to try the Universal Launch because I already had plenty of fleshlights to use with it, so testing was easy. Because I really enjoy interactive porn, I also picked up a Kiiroo KEON, hoping to find a good replacement for the Original Launch.

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is a big departure from the original launch design. Even though the interactive mode is not included in this model, I really like the handles and buttons to control the device. I found it much easier to control than the original Launch.

I decided to use a Fleshlight sleeve that incorporates the Lotus texture in the canal. The Launch can be intense, and I found a sleeve that provides a smoother sensation during use, preferable to intense textures. The feeling of the Lotus Node is a great feeling when the movement is automated.

I found the maximum speed setting to be too much for me. 250 strokes per minute is not a speed that any human I know can reach during real sex. I like to keep the speed at medium and use the long stroke setting as a general rule. When I reach climax, I switch to a short-stroke length and move the position of the strokes to different areas depending on what is not sensitive. I’m able to extend my experience a great deal that way.

The noise generated while using the Launch is loud. There isn’t a great way to keep your use discreet, but that isn’t a huge concern for me. I turn on some music and do my thing.

Even without interactive mode, the Universal Launch is one solid option for an automated masturbator. With practice, it is possible to just about replicate onscreen content with the controls provided.

Even though I like the Launch, I found the lack of interactive mode a big letdown. Luckily, Kiiroo has the answer. The Kiiroo KEON is not just an adequate replacement for the discontinued Launch; it is a superior product.

Kiiroo is the company that partnered with Fleshlight to create the original FLehslight Launch. They took this experience, ran with it, and are now leaders in interactive sex toys. I was a little hesitant about the price of the KEON compared to the cheaper Launch, but my fears were not justified. The KEON is worth the price.

The purchase of the KEON included Kiiroo’s own Feel Stroker, which is very similar to a fleshlight. It is made of Kiiroos own skin replicating formula. The texture inside is entirely small bumps. It looks pretty much like the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

The design of the KEON impressed me. It looked very similar to the original Launch but very obviously improved on. Even though there are no handles, the KEON was very easy to hold and position.

I tried the KEON in manual mode first just to see how it worked. I have to say I was pleased. The controls seem very intuitive and are easy to learn. The manual adjustments are very similar to the Universal Launch.

As good as the manual mode is, I couldn’t wait to get into interactive mode. This is where the KEON shines brightest.

To use interactive content, I had to install the Feel Connect app on my phone. After that, it was as easy as following the prompts and connecting to the KEON using Bluetooth.

There are several places to find interactive videos that are compatible with the KEON. When synced, the KEON replicates, on you, what you see on screen. This is as close to starring in porn as you are going to get, unless, of course, you are in the industry. Not all videos are timed exactly right, but I didn’t find it to be too distracting.

Another great way to use interactive mode is with a partner. By using a compatible toy, you can actually experience what your partner is doing at any distance. It certainly makes long-distance relationships much easier. It was very erotic interacting with my partner from afar.

Is It Like Real Sex?

Yes, using the Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo KEON does a good job of simulating sex. It’s obviously never going to be as good as the real thing, but I would rate the experience a solid 8/10. Real sex sets the standard at 10/10 naturally. Regular masturbation is good, of course, but I would only rate it a 3/10 by itself. Throw in a regular fleshlight, and it jumps to a 7/10.

Manual and Interactive Mode

All models of the Fleshlight Launch feature manual control mode. Only the Original Launch has the ability to use interactive mode. This is unfortunate because while manual mode is good, interactive mode is where the device shines and the original Launch has been discontinued. Luckily, Kiiroo has solved this problem.

The Manual mode can be complicated and robotic. It needs a lot of focus to use effectively. This certainly can detract from your fun time when all one wants to do is relax and enjoy the sensations. With enough use, this becomes less of a problem.

Interactive is the real deal! It is pretty close to real sex.

Pornhub has a selection of interactive video content, some of which are virtual reality (VR). The technology essentially sends synchronized pulses to compatible sex devices to mimic the tactile sensation from the performer’s genitalia. Users will have to download the designated Feel Connect app to pair their devices to the video and VR content to use the new features.

Once complete, interactive mode allows you to sync your Fleshlight Launch with various interactive content, including virtual reality (VR) videos.

Now that the original Launch has been discontinued, the best choice for interactive toys is the Kiiroo KEON.

Which Fleshlight Should I buy with the Launch? Is it Compatible with Other Fleshlights?

When choosing which fleshlight toy to buy as you experience the Fleshlight Launch, make sure you buy one that is compatible with the one specific device model you intend to use it with. Not all fleshlights are compatible with every model of Launch.

The Original Launch is only designed to be compatible with original full-size Fleshlight products.

The Quickshot Launch is designed for use with Fleshlight Quickshot toys.

The Universal Launch utilizes a ratcheting strap and is designed to hold most Fleshlight products. The official list of supported toys is below.

  • Fleshlight Go
  • Fleshlight Ice
  • Fleshlight Turbo
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Original Fleshlight
  • Sex in a Can
  • Fleshlight Vibro
  • Fleshjack Boys
  • Fleshlight Girls

Here are my favorite Fleshlight models.

If the size is approximately the same, The Universal Launch can even hold non-Fleshlight toy pocket pussies with a case. Note that the use of third-party toys with the Universal Launch technically violates the terms of usage and warranty per Fleshlight.

How to Clean, Charge and Make it Less Noisy?

Cleaning the Launch is a simple task. The most difficult part is cleaning the actual Fleshlight. To clean the Launch, remove the fleshlight and wipe the launch down with a rag. Note that it is not waterproof. Make sure the launch is turned off during cleaning. Clean the Fleshlight as you normally would.

To charge the Launch plug in the provided charging cable, USB for the Original Launch, or standard wall adapter for the Universal and Quickshot Launch. Using the Original Launch while charging is not possible but may be done with the other two pleasure toys.

I haven’t found a perfect solution to cover the noise the Launch makes. The easiest thing to do is turn up the volume of music or TV during use. You can also use pillows or blankets to smother the sound.

Fleshlight Launch Alternatives

There are options from other manufacturers in the automated sex toy market. Below, I will explore the differences that two of the top competitors have with the Fleshlight Launch.


Fleshlight Launch vs Autoblow

The Autoblow is an automated male masturbator similar to the Fleshlight Launch. While the Fleshlight is designed to simulate sex, the Autoblow falls into the category of blowjob machines.

The Autoblow has a limited selection of sleeve orifices and textures, far less than is offered by Fleshlight.

The Autoblow is also quite a bit more expensive than the Launch.

With the Launch, you can modify the settings for a custom experience, but with the Autoblow, you have to use preset modes.

The Autoblow is quite a bit larger than the Launch as well.

All told, even though the Autoblow is a big seller, the Launch takes the prize.

Fleshlight Launch vs Kiiroo KEON

The Kiirooo KEON is an automatic masturbator designed by the company that partnered with Fleshlight to bring us the Original Launch. Since the Original Launch is no longer made the Kiiroo KEON has become the leader in interactive sex toys.

The Kiiroo KEON is able to sync with interactive and VR porn videos to replicate the on screen action. This is a feature sorely lacking from the Launch.

The Kiiroo is smaller and more portable than the Launch but comes with a heftier price tag.

One nice thing about the Kiiroo KEON is that a sleeve is included with the purchase of the device.

The Kiiroo KEON is a solid device that beats the current Launch models because of the interactive mode.


The Fleshlight Launch is certainly a product worth checking out. Despite the high price tag, it brings hands-free excitement to your personal time. The one particular Launch you get is an individual choice and dependent on what you want to get out of it. For the Fleshlight collector and well-endowed guy, the Universal Launch is the best choice because of the wide variety of larger toys it can hold. If you use Fleshlight Quickshots often, then the obvious choice is the Quickshot Launch. If you want a completely autonomous experience, the only way to go is the Kiiroo KEON, now that the Original Launch is no more, which is interactive and makes VR awesome.

Every model has its benefits. If you are not good with tech, I would advise against the Launch even though it is straightforward to use. It takes some time to become proficient in its use so that you aren’t distracted.

For anyone getting tired of the usual masturbation by hand, I fully recommend taking the Fleshlight Launch sex toy for a spin.