Fleshlight Destroya Review

Fleshlight Destroya Review – In-Depth Guide

The Destroya sleeve has long since held a reputation as being one of the most intense and pleasurable Fleshlights that has ever to grace the shelves, and (being a selfless pioneer), I decided to put these claims to the test myself.

Made exclusively as part of the Fleshlight Girls series from a mold of Stoya’s legendary pussy, the Stoya Destroya Sleeve is famed for its intense variety of textures and powerful suction effect.

The following Stoya Destroya review will cover my first-hand experience in detail and explain why you should not overlook this intense Fleshlight insert.

Everything You Need To Know About The Destroya Fleshlight

Meet Stoya

Jessica Stoyadinovich, better known as her stage name Stoya, is an American adult film star who first emerged out of the ‘alt-porn scene’ in 2007 and has been making considerable waves ever since.

With her tall figure, striking looks, green eye color, and distinctive snow-white complexion, Stoya is the perfect blend of alternative beauty that the adult entertainment industry desperately misses.

Stoya began her porn career by signing a 3-year deal with Digital Playground back in 2007, before going on to star in the award-winning mainstream project “The Kingpin of Pain” in 2009.

Once her contract with exclusive distributors ended, Stoya pursued various independent projects, including a sex column, podcast series, co-creation, ownership, and management of her own porn website.

It is also around this time that Fleshlight approached Stoya to launch her own sleeve, the Stoya Destroya.

As adult stars go, Stoya truly is the full package of brains, beauty, talent, and passion.

While few of us may never achieve the dream of meeting her between the sheets, the Stoya Destroya is the next best thing and has become the best selling fleshlight in the Fleshlight Girls series to date.


Like Stoya herself, the Destroya is one seriously intriguing and dynamic Fleshlight sleeve full of excitement and surprises.

Like all Fleshlights in the Girls range, the orifice and pussy lips of the Destroya are based on a mold taken from Stoya’s real hole and are made from a skin-soft plastic which adds a level of realism to the entire experience.

As soon as you feel the interior of the canal entrance, all the hype surrounding the Fleshlight Destroya begins to make perfect sense.

I’ve used several different Fleshlight models over the years, but none compete with the Destroya texture and suction, which was noticeably tighter than I’m used to.

The entry channel of the Destroya starts with a 10mm chamber surrounded by bumps on all sides, followed by a larger chamber with even more (larger) bumps coming from all angles.

Past this section, the texture design changes once again by narrowing into a tight funnel which leads to the largest chamber.

Here there are ‘fangs’ that point at 45º towards the sleeve entrance so that your penis passes through them, maximizing the intensity.

I have to admit, at first glance, I was a bit intimidated by these ‘fangs,’ but the levels of sensation they brought about were like nothing I had ever experienced before though a Fleshlight.

Finally, after the fanged section comes the final chamber, which is a narrowing layer of soft rings that get tighter the further you go.

Key Features

Like all Fleshlight sleeves, the Stoya Destroya is made from a safe TPR plastic called SuperSkin, which is soft to the touch and has a squidgy, realistic texture.

To protect the sleeve, it is encased within a 10″ durable plastic case that has well-placed groves to feel secure and comfortable in your hand.

With the fully realistic lips and folds of the canal entrance at one end and an internal length of 9″, even the most well-endowed users can go balls-deep into this enticing sleeve.

One thing which is common across Fleshlight Stoya Destroya reviews is the sleeves proven effectiveness as a stamina training unit (STU) for enhancing sexual performance.

This is largely attributed to the various textures, bumps, and chambers within the sleeve that create pleasure waves that increase in intensity the deeper you go.

Many other Reddit group friends, who have tried Stoya Destroya Fleshlight agree that the sleeve’s stimulation may be slightly too much for some novice users, so it is perhaps not ideal for large penises as a first Fleshlight.


  • Strikingly realistic attention-to-detail on the pussy orifice.
  • Features multiple chambers that create different pleasurable sensations.
  • Any guy can use the Destroya, regardless of their penis length.
  • The variety of textures creates an intense sensation.
  • The tightness increases the further you enter.


  • The interior of the Destroya is quite difficult to clean.
  • Too intense for penis edging.
  • It may be too powerful for untrained users with large penis.

My Experience With The Stoya Destroya

On their official website, Fleshlight claims the Stoya Destroya to be “the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss,” and I have to say that from my experience, they’ve done exactly that.

When examining my Destroya for the first time, the first thing I noticed was that the texture on the inside, which looked slightly scary on their website, was actually far more enticing than I’d expected.

The entrance to the Destroya was tighter than any other vaginal opening on a Fleshlight I’ve used before. Still, once you breach past the initial tightness, you are met with the ‘fangs’ section, which was my personal favorite.

Depending on how sensitive you are, these ‘fangs’ may either be incredibly intense or just a pleasant sensation of rubbing plastic textures.

For me, it was the latter, but the further in I went, I found the suction to fall short of the hype.

That being said, the bumps and grooves throughout the chamber, alongside the smoother sections which break the whole experience up, brought me to the verge of orgasm in minutes.

After doing the deed, I was faced with the unavoidable task of cleaning out the chamber.

Depending on the Fleshlight model, this can either be fast and easy or a painstaking, messy undertaking. Unfortunately, I found the Destroya to be pretty hard to clean.

I would say that the ‘pleasure piercing dome’ section of the sleeve was the hardest to clean as there were plenty of spaces where residue and lube could become lodged.

All in all, I found the Destroya to be an incredibly intense and pleasurable Fleshlight insert and one which I expect to get more interesting over time, rather than quickly losing its allure as other sex toys might.

Using The Stoya Fleshlight: Useful Tips

As with all Fleshlights, one tip for using the Destroya I would recommend is using plenty of lube.

Not only will this maximize the stimulation of the individual chambers, but it will also prevent any risk of you damaging the skin soft plastic as there will be less friction.

Another pro tip would be to invert the sleeve when you are cleaning it, as the various shapes and sizes of the three chambers make it difficult for water to pass through evenly – so flipping it allows you to rinse it out thoroughly.

How To Clean Your Fleshlight?

As mentioned, I’d always advise removing the sleeve from its case and inverting it when it comes to cleaning out your Destroya.

There are countless guides out there that go into an eery amount of detail about the various cleaning stages for Fleshlights, so I’ll just give you a short summary of what I do to keep my Destroya in shipshape.

  1. Firstly I remove the inner sleeve and rinse the case off with warm soapy water.
  2. Then I invert the sleeve (over a sink or toilet) and gently rinse it using warm water thoroughly, using my finger to loosen or move any ‘fangs’ or bumps that may be clogged up.
  3. I then cover one end with my hand and fill the other end up with water before shaking it to make absolutely sure that nothing is left within.
  4. Finally, I spray the interior and entryway with Fleshwash to ensure it won’t go moldy and keep it ready for action whenever the mood should strike.

Fleshlight Alternatives

If the Destroya texture sounds slightly too intense for you (which is a widespread problem with this sleeve), luckily, there are literally hundreds of other sleeves and textures to choose from.

One popular alternative to the Destroya that is also from the Fleshlight Girls range is the Riley Reid Utopia.

Like Destroya, Utopia has different “pleasure pockets” that aim to provide waves of increasing stimulation the further you insert yourself.

However, the Utopia is generally considered a less intense version of the Destroya, making it a better-suited sleeve to anyone new to Fleshlights and looking to ease themselves in, so to speak.


In conclusion, this review should hopefully have provided some insight into my first-hand experience using the Stoya Destroya.

Obviously, as with all things orgasm-related, the tightness and intensity which I felt from using this sleeve may not be identical to what you experience.

That being said, I found the satisfaction that the Destroya provided to be a consistently powerful and exciting feeling that I’ve enjoyed again (and again, and again) many times since.