Fleshlight Benefits

10 Most Important Fleshlight Benefits

I bet that if you discovered this list of important benefits from using a Fleshlight, you’re already intrigued by the idea of something to help you when you masturbate. A fleshlight can give you advantages you’ve never known about. I’m a regular user with more than 12 years of experience, and I’ve tried more than 30 FL in my life.

You’re probably tired of your hand, looking for help to increase your stamina, or looking to experiment a bit sexually. Maybe it’s even a combination of all of the above, but for whatever reason, you still want to know what a fleshlight can truly offer you. Based on experience from myself, my fellow users, and some scientific researches, I’ve come up with the top benefits of using a fleshlight. 

The Benefits 

Using a Fleshlight as a sex toy can be fun. Doing so can also deliver some significant benefits that may appeal to you and even your partner. Let’s find out how with these top 10 benefits of using a fleshlight. 

stu fleshlight 1

1.) Training for Stamina 

Using a Fleshlight is by far the most effective way of achieving better stamina and overcoming premature ejaculation. By training your penis to enter the tight confines of your partner’s body with a lifelike, warm, and wet fleshlight, you can achieve fantastic results when it’s time for the real thing. 

Some Fleshlights even have more stimulating orifices than a real vagina, so you can practice on a super tight vagina, which is sometimes all it takes to send you over the edge. You can learn the edging technique which is the best way to control your ejaculation.

After spending a month training to last longer with steady and consistent stain practice on my Fleshlight,  I almost doubled the sex duration with my partner.

First, I would prepare my fleshlight by warming it up and lubing it up really well, and then I would treat it as my girlfriend, but without her watching or telling me what to do. By varying my pace and focusing only on myself instead of worrying about my partner, I stopped being so premature. 

I can now last at least twice as long, and my partner complains that I take too long!

If that’s not enough, Fleshlight also offers a collection of specially designed toys for stamina training. Here is my Fleshlight STU review

Riley Reid

2.) A Dream Come True

Who hasn’t dreamed of a one-night stand with their favorite pornstar? I know I would love to spend a night with Riley Reid or Dillion Harper. Maybe you prefer Mia Malkova. With a Fleshlight molded in the form of your favorite star’s vagine or ass, your fantasy can become a reality. Enjoy feeling their actual body contours envelope you. For an added kick, put on your favorite video and put yourself in the saddle.

fleshlight launch

3.) Launch to the Next Level

If you are ready for a wild ride, a Fleshlight Launch will take your experience to the next level. Insert your fleshlight inside, and it will match the motions of your favorite star on the screen as the video plays for a hands-free experience! 

4.) Death Grip Relief

If you are a regular male masturbator, you are probably suffering from death grip syndrome. You probably don’t enjoy masturbating as much as you once did, and on top of that, now you don’t get as much out of real sex because you’ve grown used to your own grip. 

Get back to enjoying real sex by breaking free of the death grip syndrome and using a realistic Fleshlight to aid your masturbation. It might even help you avoid a carpal tunnel diagnosis! 

5.) A Whole New World

Nothing is as good as real sex. But, the Fleshlight comes pretty close, and it’s a massive improvement over hand use. You’ll feel the difference from the first time you use it, and you won’t want to go back. 

I’d say that if real sex is a ten, and using your hand is a two or three, a Fleshlight is a solid seven or eight. 

fleshlight couples

6.) Re-Energize your Sex Life

If things are getting boring between the sheets, you and your partner can light up your bedroom life with a Fleshlight. Put it to work to help turn you both on!

Think of being teased with a Fleshlight instead of her hand. Or imagine being rewarded with her vagina after proving your worth lasting ten minutes with her using the Fleshlight on your penis. The sky’s the limit! 

7.) Get Intense

A Fleshlight won’t ever deliver the same feeling as a woman’s body. What it lacks in realism, it makes up for with high intensity and incredible stimulation. Fleshlights are designed to deliver extreme pleasure through their carefully constructed texture that features nubs, bumps, and chambers that will give you the over-the-top experience you want. 

Obsession Bliss fleshlight texture

8.) Tightness is Key

If you prefer a tighter fit than your partner can give you, consider a Fleshlight. Some models are so tight that men with only moderate girth and size complain they are too tight. There is so much variety in the different textures and models of Fleshlights that you can always find one that’s going to make your toes curl. 

If you really want that tight squeeze, a Fleshlight can deliver. 

Alien Freaks

9.) Fantasies Become Real 

If you have a fantasy about a particular sexy creature from a best-selling movie or an extraterrestrial that gets you fired up, the Alien Fleshlight might be your new best friend. With an out-of-this-world orifice in an intriguing non-human color, this toy can heighten your pleasure to infinity and beyond. 

10.) Nothing to Lose

Fleshlights are manufactured to very high standards and meet rigorous quality controls. Fleshlights are completely safe, and they are extremely unlikely to hurt you, your penis, or any other part of your body. In fact, the biggest risk is that you will want to stay home and enjoy your Fleshlight too often!

Choosing the Right Fleshlight

Now that you understand all of the benefits of owning a Fleshlight, you have to make the big decision: which one should you get? You should, of course, consider various textures and models to see which one appeals to you the most. 

But, by far, the most important factor in that decision needs to be your penis size. Make sure that you understand how to choose the best Fleshlight for your penis so you will be completely and totally satisfied.