Fleshlight Alien Review

Fleshlight Alien Review – In-Depth Experience

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with an alien? I can’t say that I have, but looking at photos of the Fleshlight Alien online made me feel like I’d be missing out if I didn’t give it a try.

Needless to say, I’m glad I did. The Alien didn’t start out by impressing me much, but its final chamber is what changed my mind. I have a feeling it will change yours, too.

I’ve used many masturbation tools in the past, so this Fleshlight Alien review is more than just a sex toy overview—it’s a sophisticated opinion compiled from my experience using other fleshlight designs. 

Because no two men are alike, I also delved into Reddit posts, our secret Fleshlight Facebook group, and other forums, all with the goal of offering you a well-rounded review.

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Fleshlight Ranking and Ratings:

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  • 5-7 inches => average penis
  • Under 5 inches => small
  • Above 7 inches => large

Fleshlight Alien Texture and Design

Alien Freaks fleshlight texture

The Alien Fleshlight offers a powerful three-tiered texture combination that customers had been begging for—a Vortex canal, a ridge in the Lotus texture, and an ultra-satisfying Stamina Training Unit (STU) texture. For more information about Stamina training and Fleshlight benefits check out my latest post.

It contains a narrow 0.4 inch Lotus node, which leads into the main canal where the magic takes place. The main canal entrance starts with the STU’s small bumps. With a 0.45 to 0.6-inch diameter, this somewhat loose fleshlight will give you many nights (and days and mornings) to remember.

For your comfort, the Vortex chamber and Lotus are about 0.7 inches in diameter. That orifice might feel a bit wider for some men, but once you get past the entry point, the triangular shape offers a nice suction for pulling in your penis.

The sleeve itself has a soft texture, so you can thrust hard into it without issue. Although this isn’t the tightest sleeve on the market, the three different levels you pass through make this a unique addition to your fleshlight collection.

This male masturbator comes in a dark blue fleshlight case. But let’s face it—you’ll likely only ever want to store it away when you’re traveling, so you don’t have to leave it at home.


  • Outstanding STU bumps that’ll send you over the edge
  • Thick, ribbed lips that you can feel on the orifice
  • The Lotus creates a popping effect when you push through it
  • Has an outer space-like appearance for men who have Avatar XXX fantasies
  • Ideal for longer sessions since you can play in three different chambers


  • Not ideal for penises under five inches since you likely won’t be able to reach past the Lotus node
  • A loose orifice entry for most men, but the spiral chamber will hug you once you get to the third chamber
  • Tightening the cap isn’t too helpful for making the chambers tighter
  • Makes a noise upon entry

My Personal Experience with the Alien Fleshlight

I had heard about how unique the Fleshlight Freaks Alien looks but let me tell you—nothing compares to opening it up and seeing it for yourself.

For starters, the sleeve is a bright blue color, which is a far cry from the pink fleshlights I’m used to. Furthermore, it has a double clitoris design, which is a pleasant surprise. Needless to say, anyone wondering what it would be like to enter an alien vagina will appreciate this sex toy design.

My first reaction when I entered the orifice was that it feels fairly loose. Although there are other fleshlight products that I’d rather use when I’m short on time or looking for more intense fleshlight textures, I ended up appreciating the loose sleeve entrance. It’s not super tight so it doesn’t feel rough during intense stroking like some other products do. Though it’s a completely different experience with less intense stroking. 

Because the Vortex area and Lotus node section are relatively wide, it allowed me to take my time playing with it, and I hung around them for a while before finishing in the pillow-like cradle of the STU bumps.

For me, the best part was popping through the Lotus node. The textures inside felt great on my sensitive head. It was fun to tease my dick by passing it in and out of the node, and it didn’t take long for me to cum once I arrived in the final STU compartment, where the sleeve had a stronger grip.

Overall, the Alien orifice won’t be my go-to fleshlight. However, I’m glad to have it on the shelf for when I want to change things up.

My Tips for Using the Fleshlight Alien

If you have a sensitive penis, the final part of the Fleshlight Alien sleeve could feel too intense between the narrower diameter and nodes that make the canal feel even tighter.

Therefore, I recommend proceeding with caution when you pass through the Lotus node. If it feels too intense, you can pull back and stay in the first two compartments.

The Alien Fleshlight sleeve may not be the best fleshlight model with short penises or someone who likes a tight passage. The pussy orifice is wide, so you’ll likely slip right in. They do offer a cap you can tighten, but from my experience, it doesn’t make a big enough difference to making a notable change to the Vortex texture.

If you’re interested in giving the Alien vagina a try, below are some tips I learned from personal experience:

  • Use a water-based lubricant because oil lubricants will break down the sleeve material.
  • Take your time with it. The first two compartments will likely feel loose to you, but thrusting into the STU portion of the Alien pussy could lead to overstimulation before you’re ready for it.
  • Don’t forget about the tightening cap. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it could be just what you need depending on your size.

How Do You Clean a Fleshlight Alien?

Cleaning up after a pleasurable fleshlight session isn’t fun, but it’s necessary. And, it just so happens that this alien pussy orifice takes a little extra muscle to clean since it has three compartments.

Start by running cold water into the sleeve to get out as many clumps of cum and lube as possible. As wonderful as the STU is while you’re using it, lube tends to cling to the bumps—I had to stick my finger in there and coax some out.

Once you’re sure the big clumps are gone, go ahead and turn on the warm water. You don’t want to clean your fleshlight with warm water right away. Otherwise, the cum and lube will turn sticky.

Then apply some Fleshwash sex toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol on it to kill any bacteria that want to linger around. Finally, tip the sleeve upside down and rest it with the orifice exposed so it can air dry.

Alien Pussy Alternatives

Are you reading this Alien fleshlight review and thinking, I’m not sure if it’s the right fleshlight for me?  If so, here’s some good news—there are many other fleshlights you can choose from.

A fleshlight similar to the Alien vagina is the Stamina Training Unit sleeve. If you’re looking for a more intense surface texture, its STU section starts at only three inches deep into the sleeve. I find that it offers a faster and more intense orgasm than the Alien.

If you’re into sci fi porn and the Alien’s freaky design but are looking for a different fleshlight style, rest easy. From Drac-shaped vulvas to a Frankenstein orifice with stitches, you have many options to choose from.

Is the Fleshlight Alien Sex Toy Worth It?

If you’re into sex toys that’ll support your alien porn fantasies, I recommend giving the Alien fleshlight a try. Of course, every man is different, which is why you should test other fleshlights to see which suits your penis size and sensitivity best.

Personally, I think this Fleshlight Alien is a nice sleeve that has my favorite fleshlights textures. Even though it isn’t as comparatively tight as my other ones, I tend to enjoy switching it up, so the Alien is a sex toy I’ll be keeping around.

Are you still undecided? Below are some key considerations to help you out.

Who It’s For:

  • Men with longer, wider penises since you’ll feel more intense stimulation
  • Good for longer sessions since the first two compartments don’t have a very tight constriction
  • It’s great for feeling a popping sensation when passing through the Lotus

Who Won’t Like It:

  • Someone with a short and thick penis who’s looking for more realistic orifices
  • Sensitive penises, since the third compartment is like a suction cap and has closely positioned bumps
  • If you use fleshlights with other people in the house since the Alien creates noise