Eva Lovia Fleshlight Review

Eva Lovia Fleshlight Review – in-depth experience

This is my personal experience and in-depth review of the Eva Lovia Fleshlight sleeve from the Fleshlight Girls™ line. This is the spice fleshlight sleeve, not the Eva Lovia Sugar sleeve. The Eva Lovia Sugar sleeve has a pussy orifice instead. I have been using Fleshlights for many years now and have experimented with many different sleeves. This guide is based mostly on my 12 years of experience using fleshlight. I have also used Reddit posts, paying particular attention to what my friends say, a secret Facebook group for fleshlights (where we share our experience), the Fleshassist.com website reviews, and other reviews on the internet. The following guide contains all the essential information you need to know whether Eva Lovia fleshlight is for you or not. And if it doesn’t, then feel free to browse among top rated fleshlights.

Eva Lovia

About the Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight


Sleeve Material

The sleeve is made of Fleshlights proprietary Superskin. Superskin is designed to mimic as closely as possible the feeling of real skin. Soft to the touch and capable of holding warmth for a long time, this material works very well for male sex toys. It feels very realistic and is very close to a real pussy texture. This material will last for a long time with proper care, ensuring you can get your money’s worth from the Eva Lovia pocket pussy.


The case is made of a hard plastic shaped like a flashlight. The case is larger than any real flashlight is, but fleshlights have been made this way since the beginning.


The orifice of the spice sleeve is modeled after lovely porn star Eva Lovia. There is the impression of cheeks on the outer edges. You can see a bit of the pussy lips at the bottom, which was enough to show that this is a woman’s asshole clearly. There are even wrinkles, as you would see on a real asshole. Put together, these features make for an ass that’s as realistic as a pocket pussy is capable of being.


The beginning texture of the Eva Lovia fleshlight is a tight chamber with ribbed walls. The first few inches are a funnel-shaped constriction, which grips extremely well and is not found in many sleeves. After that, you will pass through a shorter section filled with densely packed nubs that are designed to tickle your penis head as you pass through them with normal thrusting motions. Following is a chamber that is long and filled with small pleasure nodules. This chamber is the loosest part of the canal and provides a more gentle stimulation. The final chamber is again tight with ribs. This chamber isn’t as tight as the opening and opens up a bit at the end. The ribs run parallel to the canal in this chamber instead of forming rings. Unless you are 6 inches or more, you will not be able to reach this final chamber.


  • Easy to clean
  • You can get away with a small amount of lube
  • It is possible to last longer because of the lower intensity
  • A nice variation of textures throughout the canal
  • It has a tighter opening than most fleshlights
  • Excellent for small penis. Here are all the best fleshlights for small penis.


  • Not as intense as some fleshlights
  • The texture in some areas isn’t very noticeable
  • It might be too tight if you are extra girthy

My personal experience with the Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight

I’m a big fan of anal and Eva Lovia. I couldn’t wait to experience what it was like to penetrate the ass of the sexy Eva Lovia. I was looking forward to the multiple chambers and pleasure pockets.

When I first entered the Eva Lovia fleshlight, I found it to be quite tight (I’m an average-sized guy). The first chamber is tighter for a greater length than most fleshlights I’ve tried. It feels very close to entering a real asshole. It’s actually tighter than a real asshole because the tight area goes on longer. The entrance being a simple hole instead of the common dime-shaped slot helped a ton as well. The raised ribs of the first chamber provided more stimulation than the rest of the four chambers.

After penetration, I really noticed the cheeks on the outside of the toy. It actually felt like real buttcheeks pressing against me when I was deep enough in the canal. This is a very nice touch and allows for great fantasy play.

As I thrust deeper into the second chamber with the nubs I didn’t notice too much as I was sliding through them. The third chamber was about the same. This isn’t to say that there wasn’t good stimulation. It was just more subtle than some of the other sleeves I’ve used. In many ways, I actually liked the fact that it wasn’t so intense because it let me last a nice, long time. The orgasm was more intense than usual, too, because of the long buildup. It wasn’t so intense that I couldn’t finish inside, though.

The cleanup was average. There aren’t a bunch of areas in the inner sleeve where fluid can get stuck. Drying time was normal for a fleshlight sleeve.

Tips for using Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight

The best Fleshlight tip for any model is to be sure to warm the sleeve to a comfortable temperature. Soaking it in warm water is the easiest way to do so. I, however, prefer to use an electric warming blanket. This is quicker and can warm the sleeve to a higher temperature. Make sure not to overheat the sleeve because it can damage the material or cause injury.

I found that varying the amount of lube made for quite different sensations. Adjusting the cap to achieve varying degrees of suction made a big difference too. The suction with the cap tight was pretty intense. It felt like it was sucking itself towards me. With more lube and less suction, I felt it was a very smooth sensation throughout. Be patient and try different configurations to find what suits you best.

If you aren’t long enough to reach the fourth chamber, penetrating the sleeve from the rear works well. You can’t use the case when you do this unless you stuff the space between the sleeve and the case. This doesn’t matter too much because using the sleeve without the case allows you to alter grip strength to achieve your optimum tightness. I’ve also found that I can feel more of the complete canal without the case because you can squish the sleeve down on yourself to penetrate deeper.

How to clean the Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight

Cleaning the Eva Lovia fleshlight is the same as any other. Rinse the interior with warm water, stick your finger inside, and run it around the four separate chambers’ interior to get anything trapped in the little pockets. After this, fill the canal up with water and shake it a bit. You can follow this with Fleshwash to get it extra clean if you’d like. Rinse again, then let the sleeve air dry. I just put it on a towel on the counter, but you can hang it on a wire hanger if you prefer. After drying, it’s not a bad idea to apply Fleshlight Renewing Powder to extend the toy’s life.

Fleshlight alternatives that are similar to the Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight

An alternative that is very similar to the Eva Lovia pocket pussy is the Brandi Love Shameless sleeve. I can’t decide which one is better. The Brandi Love Shameless has a more intense feeling during use. If you don’t want an anal orifice but want a fleshlight modeled after a pornstar, the Riley Reid Utopia sleeve is a top choice. Any of these fleshlight girls are worth a look.


Overall I really enjoyed the Eva Lovia sleeve. Even though it isn’t as intense as some other sleeves, the long buildup to orgasm made the entire session very enjoyable. The tight entrance is my favorite part. I would recommend this sleeve for average to smaller guys and those that are very sensitive. The tight entrance isn’t the best for large men. For those of you that are larger, I would recommend the Turbo Thrust Fleshlight. No matter which fleshlight you choose, you won’t regret it.