Autoblow vs Fleshlight

Autoblow vs Fleshlight – Which is better?

The Autoblow A.I. started a revolution in the male sex toy market. A toy that would do all the work for you, no need for any sort of hand movement at all. Who wouldn’t want a toy that does all the work, hands-free, whilst you rest and relax?

So how good is it? Is it better than a fleshlight? Well, you’ll have to read on to find that out… However, I can tell you that there are certainly differences between the two toys.

These are my experiences with the Autoblow AI and Autoblow 2, compared to the Fleshlight.

Differences between the Autoblow and the Fleshlight


It’s important you take good care of the interchangeable sleeves of the Autoblow or fleshlight. No matter if they’re made of the best, quality material, you should thoroughly wash each one after use.

You can add baby powder or flour into the sleeves once they’re fully dried, this helps to maintain the texture and feel that really make the experience.

In my experience Fleshlights are more durable than Autoblow.


The Autoblow offers various different modes for you to try out. However, some of them just didn’t give me the sensations I was looking for. The automatic functionality would work even better with an app that allows you to shuffle, as changing the modes can become quite distracting.

Comparatively, the fleshlight does everything it says on the box. I’ve used mine for many years now and haven’t been able to find anything to best it. The sheer range of sleeve and toy options available – from pornstars to stamina trainers, makes it the best option for me.


The Autoblow’s motor is distracting and if you’ve not got a great amount of privacy at home, this toy will not work for you. The engine on both the Autoblow AI and the Autoblow 2 are too loud to use with others in the house.

No matter what you do, there will be a noise emanating from a guy pumping away at a fleshlight. The tightness of your fleshlight can be managed with the turn dial at the top of the grip. Loosening the toy will lead to fewer noises. Lube is necessary not only for more pleasure but to reduce noise also.


All the sleeve options for the Autoblow are 100% silicone. The three different sleeve options (mouth, vagina, or anus) each come with different textures. I liked the vagina sleeve texture the most as it was much more noticeable.

The fleshlight offers numerous different sleeve options – all made from silicone, so they’re not exactly easy to clean but definitely manageable. You’ll find a number of pornstar models with their pussy replicated for your pleasure.


The ten different modes of the Autoblow AI offer up a few options that focused on specific areas of my dick with different strength options as well. The beads on the Autoblow 2 offered an interesting blowjob experience, close to, but just not the same as reality.

For the fleshlight, there are many different sleeve options that will offer up varying levels of stimulation. They’ll focus on different parts of your dick, changing the feeling of each stroke.


Whilst Autoblow does attempt to revolutionize the toy industry with AI features, cleaning is just as difficult as it is with all other devices.

Following use, your cover and the device itself will need to be deep cleaned to keep the silicone from breaking. The sleeves can be taken off, and whilst it’s not recommended by Autoblow themselves, they can be flipped inside out so you can really clean every part.

The same can be said for the fleshlight. The best way to clean one is in the shower or in the sink. You’ll want to run water through it, ensuring you clean the entirety of the sleeve.


Unfortunately, the pleasure I felt with the Autoblow and Autoblow 2 was not like that of a real blowjob – nothing quite replicates the feeling of a tongue. Is it better than just using your hand? Yes. But is it worth the large price tag? I don’t think so.

With a fleshlight, there are so many different pussy options to choose from. Each will offer you a different sensation, and some may fit your dick size better than others. It’s a good idea to see which options have the best reviews when deciding.


The Autoblow AI is larger than alternative male masturbators. It’s almost the size of two Fleshlights side-by-side. The Autoblow 2 is more of a familiar design that you’ll be used to seeing in this industry in terms of size and shape.

The fleshlight has the classic look of a blowjob machine. The original Fleshlight does not stray from the commonly perceived view/idea of a pocket pussy.


The Autoblow website has the AI at a $299 RRP, and the Autoblow 2 at a $179 RRP. Additional sleeves for the Autoblow 2 and Autoblow AI cost around $50.

The original fleshlight will run you around $70. The price changes depending on the model you buy and the sleeve that is included. For different pornstar’s sleeves, you do have to purchase a new model costing upwards of $70.

Overall experience

There are pros and cons to the innovative design seen in the Autoblow device range. For me, the technology right now isn’t ready. A loud motor, sometimes ineffective modes, and a large price tag are enough to put me off.

The result you can achieve with a fleshlight will vary from sleeve to sleeve, and the sensation you feel will change as well. At a cheaper price – with better materials than many fake alternatives – the original Fleshlight is still the best pocket pussy experience in my eyes.

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Product review

Autoblow AI

With the Autoblow, there are 10 different modes with 10 different speed options, each has differing levels of intensity and areas of focus for you to pick from.

Three distinctive sleeve options are available – mouth, vagina, or anus sleeve – each has its own textures on the inside.

Autoblow devices use a kind of artificial intelligence to “replicate real-life blow job techniques to give you the best experience”.


  • AI implementation into male sex toys is in its infancy – the design is more interesting than it is good
  • The long-lasting motor will withstand lots and lots of use
  • Assembled with quality materials.
  • No batteries


  • Expensive compared to lots of other sex toys
  • Loud and distracting motor
  • A comparatively small range of sleeves
  • Still not easy to clean
Fleshlight Launch Review

Fleshlight Launch

Combined with the ‘Quickshot’ line of pocket pussies from Fleshlight, the Launch can turn your masturbation experience into an automated one.

The Launch lets you toggle through three different areas of your penis – the base, the shaft, or the tip.

The universal smartphone mount is there so you can put your favorite videos on whilst maintaining control of the Launch.

At full capacity, the Launch will let you run for as long as 60 minutes, plugged into the wall offers infinite battery power for the device.


  • Lots of different pussy options to choose from, fitting all penis sizes.
  • Can be used as a stamina training unit.
  • Original male masturbator used and trusted by men around the world.


  • Expensive sex toy/masturbator compared to alternatives.
  • Difficult to clean.

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Final thoughts

Unfortunately, the Autoblow 2 and Autoblow AI, just don’t live up to my trusty fleshlight. In this case, there’s no need to fork out on the ‘upgraded’ versions. The innovation is there, but it’s just not quite ready yet.

If you’re in the market for a reliable pocket pussy, go for an original fleshlight. If you enjoy the feel and design of that, then move onto and test others you might enjoy more. Alternatively, if you’re really into the hands-free nature of the Autoblow 2 and Autoblow AI, then look to the Fleshlight Launch range of products.