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Here are the best tips every wedding photographer should use before their next wedding

Shooting weddings can be pretty stressful. A bunch of people running around like they’re in a hive – not to mention the amount of tension and emotional charge you can feel in the air. As the wedding photographer, your job is to stay out of their way and still get the perfect wedding photos the bride and groom will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Sounds impossible? Maybe. How can you avoid being present and still do your job? Here are the best tips you should use before you head up to the next wedding:


Tip #1 – wear comfortable shoes. After all, you will be spending long hours on your feet and you probably won’t have the time to sit down and take your legs up to rest. Find the shoes
that will enable you to stay mobile for long hours without swelling.


Tip #2 – remove the distractions. On every wedding you attend, you will always have someone who knows how to make a better wedding photo then you. It can be really annoying to have someone walking around, following your tail wherever you go and bringing other guests into tears and stress. You might want to politely remove this distraction on time in order to save your calm for shooting.


Tip #3 – bride objections. If you imagined that a bride will be thrilled with your photos, sorry to inform you but she won’t. No, it’s not about you – but you’re always missing “that” photo. Make sure that before you start shooting sit down with a bride and help her understand that you can’t be everywhere at the same time.


Tip #4 – change lenses for charged expression. Wedding photography is about emotions, rather than moving images and happy faces. An experienced photographer will know how to catch a perfect moment filled with raw emotions – and one way is to change lenses on the camera to get that charge expression that you need.

Tip #5 – the wedding dress issue. It may sound silly, but attaining the whiteness of a wedding dress can be a serious issue for a wedding photographer. If you want that dress to stay white and not turning into dull grey, you might think about positive exposure compensation. Your camera will think of it as a bright object, but you will get what you wanted.


Tip #6 – rent a second body. I believe many photographers don’t think about security when they’re taking photos. Having a technical issue on the wedding rehearsal is one thing, but having an issue on the actual wedding date is unacceptable. Don’t think it won’t happen to you – rent a second body just in case. At least, you will fill more relaxed and be able to focus on your work.


Tip #7 – hire a second shooter. Some weddings can go with just one wedding photographer, but others may require additional help. Hiring a second photographers will cut the time in half and leave you enough space to make a great shooting session without burning out.

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