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When Teens Take Steroids It Means Trouble

Man can have strange habits. For most women, one of them is using steroids as a part of their workout routine. Gals like muscles, but recently they found out about an even better benefit. According to some of them, their guys are having trouble to control their sexual appetite. No girl have experienced such an intense and long lasting intercourse before.


“When we started dating, I wasn’t very pleased with the fact that he uses steroids. I mean, I like the muscles and stuff, but I like his personality even more. But when we had sex for the first time – wow! I felt like I was in heaven! It was so sensual and intense. I didn’t believe his story that it was because of the steroids he uses, so I had to check it out with the doctor. I couldn’t believe what doctor said to me that steroids can actually improve my sex life!”, says Megan (34) from Austin, Texas.


How can steroids heat up your bedroom life


Megan isn’t the only girl that enjoys the benefits of her boyfriend’s steroid usage. Karen (26) from Sacramento, California also noticed a significant change in her bedroom which happened soon after her boyfriend started taking steroids.  A lot of people found out the hard way after ordering legal steroids supplements online.

“My boyfriend started to use steroids as a part of his fitness plan a year ago. I heard stories about the effect that steroids have on sex life. I was really surprised with our first night together – I lasted like all my previous experiences together!”


Why are steroids increasing the sexual energy and drive in men (and women)? Testosterone, a hormone used in steroids, increases the sex drive by stimulating the neuro center for sexual pleasure. Since men already have a certain amount of testosterone in their organism, steroids are adding more to the organism. That’s why the sex drive in men increases significantly – they can last longer, and give more intense experience to their partner.





The other side of the story


What about sex life after the steroids? Lilly (29) from Newark, New Jersey tells her story.


“My boyfriend was on steroids for six months. When he quit, I really didn’t expect that he will have some serious downsides – but I was wrong. He was so depressed and so tired – he didn’t even want to go to the gym. And the sex? It was great when he was using steroids, but when he stopped his drive went low, he didn’t even want to touch me. Such a terrible experience.”


Since the amount of testosterone intake significantly rises when men use steroids, the period in which he quits is like a shock to his body. There is a big drop in testosterone level which brings men into depression, anxiety, low sexual appetite or no sexual interest.


Are there legal steroid supplements


Most doctors will tell you “no”, but the truth is steroids leave the minimum consequences on men’s body. The majority of steroid supplements are legalized and can be used without serious consequences on one’s health. However, before you start using them you should consult your doctor.